Operation Dost: Our Humanitarian Foreign Policy


Turkey on 6 February 23 And there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 in Syria. Due to which Turkey had to face a terrible tragedy, so far more than 30 thousand deaths have been reported. Similarly, heavy loss of life and property has been estimated due to the earthquake in Syria. India immediately sent a fleet of three ships to Turkey to provide medical and other troops in Turkey, similarly India has extended a helping hand in Syria as well. It is notable that Turkey has not been a direct enemy of India but has never been a friendly country, it has always supported Pakistan. In the case of Jammu and Kashmir, India was openly opposed at the entire global level.

Similarly, in the UNO, Turkistan opposed India and advocated on behalf of Pakistan. Turkey had openly supported Pakistan to promote terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir and has always been strongly opposing India. In this way, Turkey has always given evidence of being a friend of India’s staunch enemy Pakistan, but before Turkey’s traditional friend Pakistan, giving first place to India’s honorable sentiments, it has sent help for the citizens of that country in the earthquake. There the medical team, through its experts and the disaster management team, has done an unprecedented task by rescuing a 6-month-old girl child from the debris, similarly the women doctors of India have set an example by saving an elderly woman. Till now, a fleet of seven ships has been sent to Turkey for assistance. The Turkish government has openly praised India’s sensitive initiative while welcoming it. With India’s help, Pakistan is worried the most that Turkey should not become India’s friend now and it should not lose its pro-partner Turkey. In this sequence, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had also decided to go to Turkey in a hurry, which has been stopped by the Pakistani media and the Turkish administration by protesting, this visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan has made him a laughing stock.

It is not that earthquake has occurred for the first time in Turkey, before this there was a big earthquake in 1997 in which about 25000 people died, and even then it had helped India, despite that the Turkish government continuously attacked India’s Jammu Kashmir and United He had given the proof of being a friend of Pakistan by openly opposing India in the League of Nations. But India’s first attempt to openly help Turkey and Syria has been openly praised by the countries of the whole world and this Indian aspect of humanity has received a lot of appreciation. After this, Turkey and Syria issued a series of assistance to the countries of the whole world, but by taking the first initiative in India, it has been clearly indicated that India is the world’s leading country in terms of help and that without friendship and enmity Keeping in mind the honorable aspect, has always been helping. Prior to this, even in the Karona infection, India had carried out the assistance of sending vaccines and beds to 60 countries including Pakistan, which was praised and welcomed all over the world. Along with this humanitarian aid, India’s help in Turkey and Syria has also resulted in new diplomatic success in establishing India as a helping and peace-keeping nation globally. Till now Turkey has sent 7 big aid ships and Pakistan is still sitting hand in hand. Humanistic approach and help will not only change the perception of Turkey towards India, but also the black face of Pakistan will also become clear in front of it.

Pakistani media has condemned Sharif’s visit to Turkey and has also blocked Shehbaz Sharif’s way to Turkey. The administration of Turkistan had also questioned the justification of Shahwaz Sharif coming there. Pakistan is worried that due to this help, India may not become friend of Turk and Pakistan should not lose one of its fighting partner. It is notable that in 1947, India and Pakistan were independent together and Jinnah’s Pakistan established a religion-based state and established a subversive country by giving a lot of importance to terrorism, while India moved forward on the path of development regarding world peace. Today India has become a social, economic and strategic power at the global level and the situation of hunger has arisen in Pakistan. Pakistan does not have the money to run the administration and the general public is suffering for wheat, rice, flour, sugar, petrol and diesel; conditions of hunger have arisen there. Pakistan is asking for loans everywhere, in such a situation, when Pakistan does not have money to eat itself, then how will it be able to help Turkey. Turkey should understand that Pakistan is not a permanent friend of anyone. It can only feed terrorism. All the countries of the world have understood the terrorist face of Pakistan, now only Turkey is left to understand.
Sanjeev Thakur

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