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In the third meeting of the Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (India) held in Mumbai for two days, the leaders of the opposition parties raised the issue of rising inflation, Narendra Modi government’s crony capitalism, anti-poor policies of the government, favored policy of big businessmen, China’s occupation of Indian land etc. has decided to go public. This alliance formed against the BJP will remain united to remove the BJP from power at the Centre. During the meeting, the party leaders decided that they would hold rallies in different areas of the country with issues related to the people. According to sources, the first rally may be held in Delhi. On the other hand, the next meetings of India can be held in Hyderabad or Bhopal where elections are about to be held. The opposition alliance has also indicated from Mumbai that it will go to the public by taking up issues rather than staking claim on any face against the National Democratic Alliance led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Sources say that the seat adjustments will be finalized within the next few weeks. After two-day consultations with over 60 representatives of 28 parties at a five-star hotel in Mumbai, the opposition parties formed a 14-member coordination committee for their alliance, a 19-member election campaign committee, a 12-member working group on social media, 19 members for media 11-member working group and 11-member group formed for research. The opposition alliance also took a pledge that they will fight the next Lok Sabha elections together as far as possible and work on seat adjustments will be started immediately. The resolution passed in the alliance meeting also said that the work of seat sharing will be completed at the earliest with the cooperative spirit of ‘is haath de, us haath le’. It is said in the resolution, we the constituents of ‘India’ resolve to fight the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections as far as possible together. The work of seat-sharing in various states will begin immediately and should be completed at the earliest with a cooperative spirit of transaction.

Keeping in front the assembly elections of various states to be held this year and the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024 and the assembly elections of the states, it can be said that the solidarity shown by the opposition parties by adopting a flexible stand is only a boost to the ruling party and its allies. Is. Calling a five-day special session of Parliament is a trump card of the party to break the pressure being created by the opposition parties.

The nervousness being shown by the opposition parties regarding the special session of Parliament is going to give relief to the ruling class. What will be the position of the side and the opposition, it will be known only after the issues raised in the special session of the Parliament and what stand the side and the opposition take on them.

Right now it can be said that in view of the democratic system of the country, the unity of the opposition parties is in the interest of the country. Now how long the solidarity lasts is also a matter to be considered.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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