Other states should also take inspiration from the campaign launched by Assam against the marriage of girls at an early age.

Today the picture of women equality is being seen in the country, the literacy rate of girls has increased in the country, there is an emphasis on empowering girls through education, they are involved in administration, justice system, education, medicine, business, enterprise, country development. playing an equal part in

The Government of Assam has done a commendable and social upliftment by starting a comprehensive campaign against child marriage. The police there have identified eight thousand people who got married or got married at a young age. Steps are also being taken against the Pandits and Maulvis who conduct such marriages. The police there have also arrested more than two thousand people in this case. The state government says that such marriages will be declared illegal, definitely this initiative of the Assam government will be a new light in the lives of women. While building a new India, we have to remove many such social anomalies and irony, in which early marriages are a big curse.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is determined to liberate women from such curses associated with their lives. That’s why they have seen the dream of women development not with closed eyes in the dark of night, but with open eyes in the light of day. In his dream, there is a knock of equality of men and women with the imagination of all-round development of women. Modi had announced in his 2020 Independence Day address that the minimum age of marriage for girls in the country would be raised from 18 to 21. What he says, he also makes it come true, that is why the Prime Minister has implemented his announcement only after almost a year. In the meeting of the Union Cabinet, the proposal to increase the legal age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years has been approved. Now a case will be filed in the country against those who marry a girl below the age of fourteen years under the POCSO Act and under the Child Marriage Prevention Act against those who marry girls between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years. Although the Assam government’s strictness is showing displeasure among the affected people there, but such steps taken by the governments for social change cannot be called inappropriate.

Governments have made strict laws against child marriage. The administration tries to keep an eye on such marriages so that children do not get married before the prescribed age. But in spite of all these efforts, the practice of getting children married at a very young age is going on openly. One destination, one direction and one way, yet there have been many inequalities in the lives of men and women, two forces of the society were moving back and forth. To remove such inconsistencies and disparities, there was a knock on the door of thinking several times, whenever the door was opened, the knocker appeared to return from there. But Modi has knocked and made it a reality, which should be welcomed and steps for revolutionary change should be taken. Assam government has taken such steps, so other states should also take inspiration from them. Because with this, women will be able to see many anomalies in their lives going away while developing rapidly. The benefit of making a law is also only when it is implemented in its entirety. The family and the society are expected to think more honestly and sensitively for the wider interest of the daughters. Now the minimum age of marriage for both men and women in India is 21, which will shape the structure of an ideal and egalitarian society.

Today the picture of women equality is being seen in the country, the literacy rate of girls has increased in the country, there is an emphasis on empowering girls through education, they are involved in administration, justice system, education, medicine, business, enterprise, country development. playing an equal part in Awareness about the age of marriage is also being seen in cities and upper classes. But there is also a reality that there is a lack of awareness about the age of marriage etc. in many classes, especially in the lower classes, backward areas and villages. Even today, in many communities, there is a belief that a girl should be married as soon as she gets her period. In many societies, boys and girls are married in their childhood, then after they are eligible, they are made to live together. In many communities, girls are also married early for safety reasons. There it is believed that after marriage the attack on the girl’s identity stops. Due to all these beliefs and concepts, the process of marriage at a young age is not stopping even today. Despite all the strictness in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, every year on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, marriages of many minors are done in public. The lack of effect of the law on these mass child marriages is worrying. Because there are many financial, social and health-related side effects in the lives of girls from these child marriages, the scientific fact is that girls getting married at an early age and then becoming mothers have a direct impact on their health. They remain physically weak and surrounded by diseases throughout their life. They are unable to give birth to healthy children. He dies at an early age. It is for this reason that controlling infant and maternal mortality remains a challenge.

The question of the age of marriage of girls is not only related to balanced social system, but it is also related to their health, thinking, security, development. Every country, society and class wants to develop. Why should women also lag behind in the race for development? This question is not meaningless, but keeping many points in front of its solution, Modi thought and presented it in front of a new society and nation. The Prime Minister had then said, ‘The government is concerned about the health of daughters and sisters. To save daughters from malnutrition, it is necessary that they get married at the right age. For this, a task force was set up, which included senior officials from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Law. The task force strongly recommended that a woman should be at least 21 years of age at the time of first pregnancy. When marriage happens at the right time, the financial, social and health status of the families is strengthened. The biggest advantage of getting married at a mature age is that girls get a chance to study more and choose a career. They also become efficient in running a family efficiently.

It is well known that a large number of girls have been hindered due to marriage at an early age, the responsibility of education, employment, family management. Girls endowed with their fundamental qualities move forward in whatever field they remain pure and pure like a river every day, they not only get expansion themselves but also become useful in various forms wherever they pass. There is an age limit to being useful. From all these points of view, the Assam government’s campaign against child marriage is justified. But in this strictness he will need to see how the families whose only earning members will be arrested in this campaign, how their families will be maintained. The state government is also facing opposition because of this. But not only there, but people of other states will also get a lesson from this that what can be the consequences of getting married or getting married at a young age. Therefore, it is necessary to bring down the female mortality rate and improve the nutritional levels. Hearing the knock of time, it is necessary to look at the whole issue related to the age of a girl child with a sensitive attitude. Everyone should participate in shaping this new dream arising in the heart and mind of the structure of a healthy and egalitarian society, so that a new era of women’s life-building can begin.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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