Pakistan Asim Munir Iran Trip News: Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Munir Iran Trip Meet Iranian President IRGC Commander On Baloch & TTP Amid China CPEC Attack


Tehran: Sunni Muslim-majority Pakistan’s army chief General Asim Munir suddenly reached neighboring Shia country Iran on Saturday. General Asim Munir met the President of Iran to the powerful army chief. After this visit, in a statement issued by the Pakistan Army, it has been said that both the countries have agreed to further enhance cooperation. At the same time, the security on the Balochistan border between Pakistan and Iran will be greatly strengthened and the ‘common threat’ of both will be dealt with terrorism. The Pakistan Army Chief has not reached Iran suddenly. Behind this lies the great danger of the Pakistan Army and the China connection. let’s understand

Actually, Baloch insurgents and TTP terrorists in Balochistan province of Pakistan have become a problem for Pakistan Army and China. Just a few days ago, TTP attacked an army post in Balochistan and killed 12 Pakistani army soldiers. Not only this, Baloch rebels often attack the Pakistani army and Chinese engineers. A few months ago, the Baloch attacked the Chinese workers who were building the Dasu Dam and blew up a whole bus full of engineers.
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China put pressure on Iran and Pakistan

China has befriended Iran and Saudi Arabia in the past. Now there is a big agreement between Iran and China for 25 years. China is now going to use its growing influence in Iran to quell the Baloch rebels. Pakistan Army Chief has met Major General Hussain Salami, Chief of Iran’s powerful army IRGC. There has been tension between Pakistan and Iran over the rebels in Balochistan for a long time. Iran claims that Pakistan gives shelter to Sunni terrorists in its Baloch region.

On the other hand, Pakistan says that Baloch rebels flee to Iran after attacking Pakistani army and Chinese citizens where they find safe haven. Now China has become a link of friendship between these two countries. Now if Pakistan Army is to be believed, both the countries have decided to crush Baloch and TTP terrorists together. Commander Salami of the Iranian army gave a statement pleasing to Pakistan and said, ‘We see Pakistan’s security as our security’.
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Big fear of CPEC haunting China

The commander of the Iranian army said that by increasing security, joint operations and mutual communication with the Pakistani army, we will eliminate terrorist groups on the border. Billion dollar partnership is going on between Pakistan and China regarding CPEC. China is apprehensive that if the attacks by Baloch and TTP continue, its project will be in jeopardy. This is the reason why he is creating friendship between Iran and Pakistan. The Iranian army chief also said that efforts are being made to divide the Muslims.

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