Pakistan caretaker PM says India’s denial for peace matter of world’s concern


Islamabad: Acting Pakistani Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Kakar has given a big statement on India-Pakistan relations. Like former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, he talked about talks but at the same time he blamed India for this. Kakar emphasized that peace between India and Pakistan is very important but at the same time said that India does not want it. While giving an interview in a program of Geo News, Kakar has said many important things on relations with India.

‘Peaceful solution needed’
Pakistan’s Interim Prime Minister Kakar said that according to the resolutions of the United Nations, there should be a peaceful solution to the Kashmir problem. But at the same time, Kakar has warned that if a chance for peace in South Asia is denied, it will be a matter of concern not only for India and Pakistan but for the whole world. In his first exclusive interview on Geo News program Jirga, Kakar said that he does not want war with India. He said, ‘Calling Kashmir a core issue does not mean that we always want war with India.’

‘Relations have never been friendly’

PM Kakar said that Islamabad’s traditional and historical relationship with New Delhi has not been friendly. In the year 2019, the Government of India abrogated Article 370 of the Constitution giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Since that incident, relations between the two neighbors have deteriorated. With regard to the resumption of ties with India, Premier Kakar said that the decision in this regard should be made by the Indian polity and its conscience. According to him, if this happens then the world will find Pakistan as a responsible partner.

Kakar on the way to Sharif

Before Kakar, former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had also said similar things. He had said that he wanted to hold talks with India. But it is the responsibility of the Government of India. Apart from this, Shahbaz had also threatened India with nuclear weapons. Sharif had said that if there is a nuclear war then it is necessary to decide who will be responsible. Like Kakar, Sharif had said that despite a history of strained relations between the two countries and three wars since their independence in 1947, the PM now wanted to give priority to a relationship of value.

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