Pakistan: Protest against former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, angry people did not allow him to get out of the car, kept abusing

Internet Desk. General elections are to be held in Pakistan and along with them, political parties have also started campaigning. In such a situation, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif has also started campaigning. But the people of the country seem to be angry with him. According to media reports, people are unhappy with the way Shahbaz Sharif handled Pakistan for more than a year.

And this is the reason why people are angry with him now. Let us tell you that when Shahbaz Sharif reached Lahore on Wednesday, he had to face the anger of the people. People angry over the lack of governance and rampant corruption in Pakistan misbehaved with him and did not even let him get out of the car. When he reached Lahore in his car, people surrounded him.

According to media reports, some youth were continuously abusing Shahbaz, but some people present there were asking him to remain calm. But people were continuously beating their hands on the vehicles in anger. The situation became such that the former PM of Pakistan could not even get out of the car. It is being told that these people are angry about the increased inflation in Pakistan.


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