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The situation Pakistan is facing today is the result of its negative thinking. The main reason for the partition of India was the leaders demanding Pakistan and the negative thinking people who supported them. Pakistan, built on the basis of negative thinking, is today a failed country. Due to political instability and decline in politics, Pakistan is in a state of poverty and the common people are working day and night to fulfill the basic needs of life. Life of the common man has become difficult due to shortage of wheat, rice and pulses as well as electricity and water.

The health and education systems are bankrupt. Fundamentalists and extremists have dominance in the society. Daughters-in-law of minority community are not safe, the gap between rich and poor is increasing.

The main reason for the above situation is the negative thinking of the politicians there. The internal situation of Pakistan, which attacked Jammu and Kashmir immediately after partition and claimed the valley as its own, is so bad that the people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are today giving priority to joining India.

Pakistan, which came into existence after the partition of India, made anti-India policy on the basis of religion, the only goal was to spread violence in India and create communal riots. To some extent, Pakistan was successful in its objective, but Pakistan, which was aiming to destroy India, itself got trapped in the maze of its own making.

Pakistan gave both support and protection to terrorists to use them against India, this policy of Pakistan is continuing even today. Every day, news of infiltration and sending drugs into Kashmir valley become headlines in newspapers. Due to the above mentioned negative activities of Pakistan, India’s problems definitely increase to some extent, but what Pakistan wanted did not happen and today terrorists and fundamentalists are destroying Pakistan.

Pakistan, which has declared India an enemy country, is throwing drugs and weapons through drones. Due to the vigilance of the Border Security Force, police and administration, drugs and weapons worth crores of rupees are being seized. Pakistan is spending more than its income, especially on army and weapons. The government of Pakistan, which is facing financial crisis, sometimes rubs its nose against China and sometimes against America and Muslim countries and requests financial assistance.

Bangladesh, which separated from Pakistan, is better than Pakistan in every aspect today, so the main reason for this is the positive thinking of the government there. The Sharif government of Pakistan cannot survive even for a day without foreign financial aid. Despite such a weak economic situation, Pakistan keeps increasing its budget on arms every year. Today, Pakistan has come to be known as a beggar country due to its daily demands for financial assistance from international banks and other financial institutions and Muslim countries including America.

The economic condition of the country and its government can be gauged from the fact that people of Pakistan have started going abroad to beg. According to media reports, among the 16 people who were deboarded from the plane at Multan Airport in the guise of pilgrims on a flight to Saudi Arabia, a child, 11 women and four men were included. Actually, during the immigration process, FIA officials caught all those beggars. During interrogation, all of them confessed that they wanted to leave the country and go abroad through Umrah visa. Then he also confessed that he was going abroad to beg. The beggars revealed that they had to give half of their begging earnings to the agents involved in their travels. According to the Human Resource Development Ministry, the Senate Committee on Overseas Pakistanis had revealed that beggars are sent abroad to beg illegally. The ministry’s secretary had told the Senate panel that at least 90 percent of the beggars caught abroad were from Pakistan.

Pakistan, which came into existence in 1947, kept anti-India at the center point of its foreign policy and anti-India continues till today. The world knows that Pakistan uses terrorists and separatists against India and also supports and protects them. Pakistan, blinded by its opposition to India, has forgotten the path of its own development. Due to his negative and violent thinking he is on the verge of bankruptcy. Along with the government, now the common people of Pakistan have also been forced to beg in foreign countries. On the contrary, India continued to move forward with a positive mindset and faced the attacks by Pakistan from time to time and the support and protection given to terrorists. India’s positive thinking and policy have been the reason behind the position that India has reached at the international level. Even today, India is facing national and international challenges by adopting a positive thinking and policy. That is why India’s stature and importance is increasing on the world stage.

If Pakistan still continues to give priority to its negative policies and ideas and anti-India policy, then its situation will only go from bad to worse in the near future. Pakistan needs to introspect. If you don’t do it, you will continue to sink into the quagmire of misery.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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