Pakistanis are offended on a tweet by a Hindu Journalist about Sindh and its history


Karachi: After the Seema Haider case, the Hindu community in Pakistan is forced to live under the shadow of fear. Here the Hindus settled in the northern region have been intimidated and threatened by the dacoits. Because of this, there is an atmosphere of panic and tension in the temples here as well. Following the threats, the local authorities have deployed police at the temples. Meanwhile, the fundamentalists have become very angry on the tweet of a Hindu journalist. This journalist named Vingas J lives in Karachi and had tweeted about the Sindh region. Seema Haider who is Pakistani is currently living with Sachin Rana in Greater Noida in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Both had fallen in love on PUBG. The issue of border has been making headlines in both the countries for a long time.

‘Sindh belonged to Hindus and will remain so’

The tweet by Vingas went like this, ‘People in Pakistan get angry when I talk about Sindh and its history. They should understand that our history does not start from the 40s or from Mohammed bin Qasim. Sindh belongs to Hindus and the word Hindu is derived from Sindhu. Our roots are linked to Sindhu/Sindhu civilization. Seema did this tweet in response to another tweet. The tweet went something like this, ‘Those who threaten Hindus in Sindh over Seema Jakhrani case. They should not forget that Sindh belonged to Hindus – Sindh belongs to Hindus and Sindh will remain Hindus.

According to the statistics of the year 2017, Hindu is the largest religion in Sindh of Pakistan. Here 1.4 million population is of Hindus. Whereas if we talk about the whole of Pakistan, then four million Hindus live here. Hindus constitute 1.9 per cent of the total population in Sindh.

Hindus settled in Sindh are in panic

The Hindus settled in Sindh in Pakistan are very scared at this time. In different videos coming on social media, the dacoits from here have threatened the Hindu community in different districts of the province. They have said that the border should be brought back to Pakistan. Quoting sources, The Express Tribune has written that the caretakers of Hindu temples have been asked to stop their activities. A local Hindu said, “Satsang in our neighborhood has also been canceled from today.” During this, more than 300 women worship regularly. This step has been taken out of precaution. We cannot take the risk.

enhanced security

Another Hindu said, ‘We have nothing to do with the border issue. Our own girls are being regularly abducted and converted to Islam. The law and order situation was not favorable for the Hindus in Sindh. However, the elders of the Hindu community have been assured that security is being provided to the places of worship of the community. On the other hand, Pakistan People’s Party MLA Sardar Muhammad Bux Mahar said, ‘Hindus are our brothers. They shouldn’t be worried. We have already increased the security.

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