Palak Purswani’s father suffered a heart attack after breakup with Avinash Sachdev, the actress narrated her ordeal


Palak Purswani is a well-known face in the television industry. The actress did reality shows like ‘Splitsvilla’ and ‘Nach Baliye’. After this she also appeared in Salman Khan’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. However, he had to go back home in the first week itself. He was eliminated due to lack of votes. Now after coming out of the house, she is continuously giving interviews. In one such interview, the actress talked about Avinash Sachdev. Told how the actor cheated on her twice and after the breakup her father suffered a heart attack.

In an exclusive conversation with RJ Siddharth Kanan, Palak Purswani revealed that she parted ways with Avinash when she came to know that the actor had another girl in his life. Palak told that the other girl, who was an actress, confessed that she and Avinash were spending time with each other but had no feelings as such. Palak further said that Avinash’s parents knew about this. The actress then broke off her relationship with the actor but Avinash tried to pacify her for two months. So Palak gave him a second chance.

Palak Purswani’s father has heart attack

Further in the interview, Palak Purswani revealed that his father used to consider Avinash Sachdev as his own son, which is why when he came to know about their breakup, he could not bear the shock. He had had a heart attack. Palak also revealed that when they went to Goa together, the actress came to know that Avinash had asked for numbers of some girls at a party and was messaging two sisters at the same time. ‘I was very embarrassed to see the kind of messages they were sending to each other. That was the last one. After this I said that I cannot live with him. My father loved her very much. When he came to know this, he had a minor attack. According to Palak Purswani, Avinash Sachdev or his parents never spoke to her or apologized.

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Did Avinash Sachdev cheat on his wife?

Palak talks about Rubina and Avinash’s relationship. The actress told that she was told by the actor that the ‘younger daughter-in-law’ used to behave strangely. ‘He had told me how he and Rubina were about to get engaged but it was called off because she was behaving abnormally and impulsively. She told me that she was possessive and would call up his sets if he did not answer her calls. Even when Avinash broke off the relationship, Rubina did not give up. On the other hand, regarding his divorce, Avinash had told that both he and his wife were struggling. But I also came to know that his ex-wife also caught him cheating.

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