PAN-Aadhaar Link: PAN card and Aadhaar have not been linked, so now these problems will start for you, you will not be able to get it done even after paying…..


Internet Desk. The date for linking PAN card with Aadhaar card has passed. The government had given time till June 30, 2023 to link PAN card with Aadhaar. In such a situation, there are still many people who have not linked PAN with Aadhaar. Along with this, now his PAN card has also become inoperative. In such a situation, now people will have to face many problems.

So today we will know what kind of transactions you will not be able to do after your PAN card becomes inoperative and what problems you will face.

There will be difficulty in opening a bank account.

PAN card will have to be given for cash deposits of Rs 50,000 or more in a bank account.

PAN card details are required to open a demat account.

PAN card is also required to apply for a debit or credit card.

If the premium for insurance is more than Rs 50,000, then the PAN card number will have to be given.

You will also have to provide PAN card for exchange of foreign currency above Rs 50,000 at a time.

PAN number will also have to be given for payment of more than Rs 50,000 to mutual funds.

PAN card will have to be given to pay for the purchase of bonds of Rs 50,000 or more from the Reserve Bank of India.


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