Parenting Tips: What has changed in your child’s behavior, scolding and beating will not work, understand their mind


mental health problems in children

Tension, despair and depression, feeling nervous, stress from loneliness. The main reason for this is the family environment, some traumatic accident, frequent change of house and school, after the birth of a new brother and sister, concern about attention to the parents. Due to not being able to bear the pressure of studies, one starts experiencing emotional disturbance. Do spend some time with your children in the routine of running. Have one meal with your children. During this, listen to his mind. This will increase their self-confidence and strengthen their emotional relationships. With the spirit of kindness and cooperation, his personality will also develop properly.

Parenting Tips

Provide emotional support to children and young adolescents

Give emotional support to the children instead of losing patience on the children’s vengeful behaviour. Listen to the words of the children. Assure him that you will help him fully.

Be a part of their daily routine with the kids. Take full care of them and give them time. If possible, take them out for a walk, play outdoor or indoor games together. Help them in their studies.

Laugh and joke with them, don’t put the burden of your workplace and life problems on their child.

Sometimes some children are not able to share their mind openly, in such a situation take help of the person with whom the child talks easily. talk like a friend instead of scolding

Inspire him to move towards his interest.

Treat all children in the house equally so that no child feels neglected.

Inspire towards minimum use of mobile. Also explain the advantages and disadvantages of internet

For the proper development of children, pay full attention to their diet, thoughts and behavior.. In running life, you should run at such a fast speed where your child does not get away from you. Make necessary changes in yourself to change their behavior to maintain the softness of soft childhood.

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