People commented on the age of Daljit Kaur and husband Nikhil Patel, the actress made a video


Iss Pyaar Ka Kya Naam Doon fame Daljit Kaur married Nikhil Patel in March 2023. After this she shifted to Kenya with her son Jaden. From there, she keeps posting her photos and videos with her husband on social media every day. Fans like her very much. But sometimes they also have to face criticism. But she is not afraid of him. Rather, she gives a befitting reply to everyone. Like given this time. He shared a vlog after 90 days of marriage, in which he lashed out at the trollers.

Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel shared vlog on YouTube channel after 90 days of marriage. In this, he said that ever since he made his relationship public and got married, he has been facing two types of trolling. The husband of the actress said that people comment on her age but she would like to say that she likes to be healthy. He wants to be healthy for his three children.

Question raised on Daljit Kaur’s age

Daljeet said, ‘Many trolls comment about our age. I am only 3 years younger than Nick. So if he’s old, so am I. I want to look sexy for him, he wants to look sexy for me. We want to live longer and have a whole life ahead of us. So the part of the troll will also pass like age.

Dalljiet Kaur gets suggestions

Further in the video, Diljit also revealed how many trolls have targeted her for her marriage with Nikhil using the name ‘Take 2’. On this, she told how she is very happy and proud of her decision to give love a second chance in her life. And so, despite the negative messages and trolling that comes with the term ‘Take 2’, she uses it more proudly.

Dalljiet Kaur: Dalljiet Kaur, who became a bride, entered holding the hand of her son, husband Nikhil’s daughter was also present at the wedding

Dalljiet Kaur gave a befitting reply

Dalljiet said, ‘I am very proud of my journey. There was a time when I was very broken, but now I am happy, people know this. And now I am told in comments and messages not to mention ‘Take 2′. Why don’t I emphasize that I am married for the second time and I am happy. what’s the problem? What do you think?’ The actress also called the commenters unhappy and insecure.

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