People like Aziz Qureshi are spoiling communal harmony to shine their politics


There is no dearth of those who serve their own interests in spreading communal violence everywhere. Out of 22 crores, even 2200 will not be narrow minded people like Qureshi, they also include politicians and those people who like to call themselves contractors of religion.

Congress and its leaders have started the work of dividing the society in the name of religion and caste to make their politics shine before the elections of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas. But due to this kind of venom spewing politics being done on the basis of religion and caste, religious harmony is deteriorating. Aziz Qureshi, a veteran leader of the party and former Governor, has spoken bitter words inciting communal sentiments while attending a function in Vidisha. Is his speech going to nurture the ideology of the Congress or can it also prove to be a destroyer of the party’s hopes. Qureshi said that ‘there are 22 crore Muslims in India and even if one or two crore die, it does not matter…’. It is ironical that at such a time, when thousands of people belonging to minority community are taking out peace march on the streets to promote communal harmony in the country and society, their leader has caused deep injury to communal harmony and social fabric. have been

On one hand, Qureshi was giving a rousing speech, while on the other hand, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge was making big promises and claims regarding his electoral prospects in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Is this not the double faced character of the Congress? It seems that Qureshi is taking forward the tradition and ideology of the Congress. Otherwise, if such narrow and anti-national thinking had been strictly guarded in the party, would Qureshi have been able to do such an audacity. Definitely the party itself gives emphasis to communalism and casteism, that’s why the party remains silent on statements like ‘Muslims have not worn bangles’ by an elderly and responsible leader Qureshi. Statements inciting such a particular community are certainly politically motivated. As the election time approaches, the intensity and ferocity will be seen in the statements inciting the communities. In the shadow of elections, before the Lok Sabha elections, in states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, efforts to wash away the social harmony will be seen on an increasing scale.

This is not the first time Aziz Qureshi has made an objectionable statement. Even while holding the post of governor, he has violated the linguistic norms. But at this time, his own party may have to suffer political loss due to his statement. The election process may not have started in Madhya Pradesh, but both the main rival parties- BJP and Congress have started campaigning in full swing. In such a situation, Qureshi has given an issue of religious polarization in the hands of the opposition party by his bigotry and disorderliness. By the way, it cannot be said how much political profits are made from such hysterical and venomous statements, but they definitely blur the social harmony. It is not that Qureshi is unaware of this reality, but the desire for cheap popularity and hunger for applause always distracts politicians from responsibility and loyalty to the nation.

Even though some people spread hatred in the society in the name of caste and religion, but there are such people in this society, due to whom the feeling of living in harmony with each other in the country and the society is alive. While on the one hand some people are spoiling the atmosphere in the country by spreading hatred in the name of caste and religion, on the other hand in many places the members of Hindu and Muslim community are presenting exemplary examples of brotherhood and harmony. While Nuh in Haryana’s Mewat region was rocked by communal violence during a Bajrang Dal-VHP procession, thousands of people from the minority community are taking out a peace march on the streets to promote communal harmony in the country and society. Thousands of Muslims had participated in the peace march in Mumbra Kausa last Friday itself. Earlier, after the communal violence in Nuh, Mewat, the way the people of both the communities stood hand in hand, the belief of the peace-loving people of the country has been restored that few crazy people are destroying the social fabric of this country by their antics. Can’t hurt deeply. In such a situation, Qureshi’s objectionable statement should not only be condemned, it should be strongly condemned.

Today, the country is busy preparing for the celebration of landing its vehicle on the moon, G-20 world celebrities are being organized in Delhi, then it is necessary to stop any narrow communalism from spreading its wings. But the way Qureshi spewed venom citing the neglect of minorities in the country, it cannot be taken lightly. Narrow-minded people like Qureshi need to be reminded that promising-dedicated, peace-loving people of all communities have contributed in India’s progress, but so-called opportunists and communalists like Qureshi are destroying their respective communities with anti-national talks for their political gains. only harm. India needs social brotherhood today more than ever to fight its problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment.

Today India is moving forward, making progress, poverty is being eradicated, education is expanding, new stories of development are being written, which will benefit everyone, Muslim community will also be an equal partner in it. Despite this, it is really regrettable that at the stage of age at which Qureshi is standing today, he should have opened new windows of harmony and goodwill for his community with his experiences, but he is speaking provocative language. However, it is not a matter of one religion or fraternity, people of such thoughts exist in all religions and fraternities. There is a need to keep showing them the mirror that the path of progress and peace opens new doors only through brotherhood, harmony and partnership, not through bloodshed.

There is no dearth of those who serve their own interests in spreading communal violence everywhere. Out of 22 crores, even 2200 will not be narrow minded people like Qureshi, they also include politicians and those people who like to call themselves contractors of religion. It is only from these few people that the whole community has to be saved from being defamed. To maintain communal harmony and harmony, every countryman should always remember that love breeds love, hatred breeds hatred, hatred breeds hatred, hatred breeds hatred and faith breeds faith. We should think that apart from being a member of a good Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian or any other sect, we are also a good Indian. We should know that all religions adopt different methods and means for spiritual peace. In all religions, the distinction between big and small has been considered unfair. All religions and their promoters have been emphasizing on truth, non-violence, love, equality, virtue and morality, so there is no difference in the origin of true religion. Then why do people like Qureshi try to divide man from man.

Communal crime and frenzy can be stopped only with the awareness and cooperation of the common people. Incidents that disturb communal harmony should be strictly suppressed at the administrative level. Social media acts like adding fuel to the fire. It is necessary to monitor objectionable content. Also, do not post any kind of factless, misleading, false and violent, objectionable, inflammatory messages and videos on social media platforms WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, nor contribute in spreading rumours. One should beware of fanatical thinking, crazy words and imaginary things of people like Qureshi. It is necessary for the people to understand the events in the right perspective by using their discretion properly. If we want to bind our nation in one thread, make it a superpower of the world, then it is necessary that we consider all Indians as our brothers, irrespective of religion or belief. In a nation that proclaims the mantra of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, only the slogan “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian aapse bhai-bhai” can strengthen our national integrity.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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