Personality Traits: Moles tell the secrets of your personality, know what your ‘mole’ says


Moles On Body Parts and Personality Traits

The importance of having moles at different places on the face is also different. Moles on a person’s face are not only a symbol of beauty but they also indicate future events of the person. According to Samudra Shastra, the face is an open book, through which one can easily know about its personality and nature.

mole on nose

Mole on the nose – If someone has a mole on the nose, then understand that he is of love-tempered and aggressive type. He has no equal in wit. There is a habit of reacting immediately to anything. They cannot tolerate anything. Such people are also fond of clothes. They always believe in creating a different image for themselves.

mole on eyebrow

Those who have a mole on their forehead, it is like an auspicious sign. Due to mole in this part of the face, there will be no shortage of money in your whole life and your fame will also spread. If you have a mole between your eyebrows then you are intelligent and you get success and money in work with your intelligence.

meaning of mole on shoulder

People with moles on their shoulders like to do new experiments in their life. They like changes. But the scope of change is limited. These calm natured people like to spend time with family and friends.

Importance of mole on little fingers

Mole on the palm is an indicator of immense wealth. Such people are very expensive. Branded and expensive things always attract their attention. These people who are always happy know how to keep others happy too.

mole on lips

People who have a black mole on their lips are very sensual. His mind is especially attracted towards enjoyment and luxury. He does not enjoy living without material things.

mole on foot

Having a mole on the foot indicates that they are hard core travelers. They are fond of traveling all over the world and do not miss any such opportunity. Such people are also courageous

mole on neck

People with moles on the back of their ears are a bit imaginary. These people believe that anything can be achieved just by imagining. Such people not only get a lot of respect in the society but are also loved by the people. Such people are very determined. Meaning, we try to do whatever we have decided to do.

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