Petrol-Diesel Price: Expensive in Noida, price of petrol and diesel fell in Patna, know what is today’s rate in your city.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today: There has been some relief in the prices of crude oil in the global market. Around 6 am Indian time, WTI crude was trading 0.60 percent lower at $ 88.29 per barrel. Whereas, Brent crude was also trading at $ 901.7 per barrel, slipping by 0.60 percent. Meanwhile, on Tuesday morning, Indian oil distribution companies have released the latest rates of petrol and diesel. The good thing for the common people is that there has been no change in the prices of petrol and diesel at the national level for almost a year. However, even after this, there are fluctuations in the prices of petrol and diesel in some cities today. A rise in the prices of petrol and diesel was seen in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Whereas, a decline in the prices of petrol and diesel has been seen in Bihar, Jammu-Kashmir and Punjab. In the country’s capital Delhi, petrol is being sold at the rate of Rs 96.72 and diesel at Rs 89.62 per liter. In Kolkata, petrol is being sold at Rs 106.03 and diesel at Rs 92.76 per liter, in Mumbai petrol is being sold at Rs 106.31, while diesel is being sold at Rs 94.27 per liter. The price of petrol and diesel is stable in Chennai. Here petrol is available at Rs 102.63 and diesel at Rs 94.24 per litre.

Price in other cities

City Petrol(Rs/Litre) Diesel(Rs/Litre)

Noida 96.94 90.11

Gurugram 96.76 89.64

Bengaluru 101.94 87.89

Chandigarh 96.20 84.26

Hyderabad 109.66 97.82

Jaipur 109.31 94.47

Lucknow 96.56 89.75

Patna 107.24 94.04

Diesel sales declined by three percent in September, petrol demand increased by 5.4 percent.

Diesel sales declined by three percent in September due to weak demand and slowing down of industrial activities in some parts of the country. This information has been obtained from preliminary data of public sector petroleum companies. Diesel sales of all three public sector petroleum companies have decreased in September. However, petrol sales have increased. Sales of diesel, the most consumed fuel in the country, declined to 58.1 lakh tonnes in September, which was 59.9 lakh tonnes in the same period a year ago. Diesel demand declined by more than five percent in the first fortnight of September, while diesel demand increased in the second fortnight due to less rain. Diesel sales have been two and a half percent higher on a monthly basis. Diesel sales in August were 56.7 lakh tonnes. Generally, diesel sales decrease during monsoon, because demand from agricultural sector remains low due to rains. Diesel is used as fuel in the agricultural sector for irrigation, harvesting and transportation. Diesel consumption had increased by 6.7 percent and 9.3 percent respectively in April and May because the demand from the agricultural sector was good at that time. Apart from this, due to summer the use of air conditioners in cars had increased.

Demand for petrol increased by 5.4 percent from last year

According to the data, petrol sales in September increased by 5.4 percent to 28 lakh tonnes compared to the same period last year. The growth in demand for petrol has remained almost stable in August. The demand for petrol has increased by 5.6 percent on a monthly basis in September. Industry sources say that with stable and healthy economic activities and improvement in air travel, oil demand in the country will remain high in the remaining months of the year. Petrol consumption in September was 19.3 percent higher than the Covid-affected September, 2021 and 30 percent higher than the pre-pandemic period i.e. September, 2019. Diesel consumption was 19 percent more compared to September, 2021 and 11.5 percent more than September, 2019.

How to check the fuel rate of your city

BPCL customers to know the fuel rate of their city through message RSP<डीलर कोड> You will have to write and send the message to number 9224992249. To know the price for HPCL customers, HPPRICE <डीलर कोड> Write and send message to 9222201122. Indian Oil Customer RSP<डीलर कोड> You can write and message on number 9224992249.

How are the prices of petrol and diesel decided in India?

Petrol and diesel prices in India are decided by the government and it is a dynamic process that depends on various factors. Here are some of the main factors that influence this process:

  • International Market Prices: India does not have a reliable distribution network of petrol and diesel for the users. Therefore, despite the succession of prices of petrol and diesel in the world market, India is finally defined in quantity and distribution.

  • Taxes and Duties: Taxes and duties imposed by various states and union territories are included in determining the prices of petrol and diesel. This is usually subject to change based on various updated decisions.

  • Contribution of State Governments: State governments can also include their contribution to control the prices of petrol and diesel. They may impose various duties and taxes in their state.

  • Demand for Currency and Supply of Petroleum Products: The balance between demand for petroleum products and their supply can also affect prices. If demand for products is high and supply is low, prices may increase. If demand for products is low and supply is high, prices may decrease.

  • Export and Import Events: Various export and import events can also affect the prices of petrol and diesel. These events occur between different countries and producers and impact prices.

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