phone addiction do you also have the habit of using phone in toilet could be sick mkh


Phone Addiction: Hey where is my phone? A similar question often echoes in every household. After that, if the phone is found in hand, then the man is missing, on searching, it is known that he has been in the bathroom for a long time and the phone is also with him. After this there starts an attack on this dirty habit in the house. Then all calm, the next day again the same scene. In fact, using the phone in the toilet has become a habit of most people. Phone was invented for communication, later with the expansion of technology, its dimensions increased, now it has started infiltrating even in the bathroom.

Do you also have the habit of using mobile in toilet?

If the answer is yes then it means that you too have become addicted to using smartphone all the time, even you cannot leave the phone on the toilet seat. In earlier times people used to carry newspapers, magazines and novels. Many people still do this. Some people have their own logic that they find peace there. Today is the era of internet, from children to the elderly, the whole world is imprisoned in a way. Now anything you want to know, understand or have curiosity about any remote place is accessible on just one click. In such a situation, after the arrival of the smartphone, it has made a more close and personal place in the life of all of us. People use the phone in the toilet, then clean their hands and start using the mobile, but during this time the hand becomes infection free but the phone becomes germ-loaded phones. Most people don’t clean their germ-laden phones. Studies have shown that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

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