Phone addiction gave you sleepless nights? Change these settings in Android phone today itself – sleepless nights because of phone addiction change these settings in android phone right now


Instagram addiction is such that is giving people sleepless nights. Many times people sit staring at the phone till 2-3 o’clock. Sharing reels with each other or watching reels has become a new normal. Time passes by, but a bad night’s sleep makes the whole day useless. Sometimes this habit can also cause problems of not sleeping.

Many users keep the phone side at night and go to sleep. But as soon as the phone vibrates, they pick up the phone and start using it again. This problem is very common and to get rid of it, we are telling you some settings of Android phone which you should do immediately.

Night Light On:
The blue light of the phone is very harmful. This light is also a major reason for sleeplessness. This light blocks melatonin which induces sleep. To eliminate this problem, the Night Light feature was introduced in Android 7, which reduces blue light. When this light is reduced, there is a possibility of falling asleep even after using the phone.

To turn on this feature, you have to go to Settings. Then tap on Display & brightness. Then go to Night Light and turn on Reading Mode. Here you have to go to Set screen colors and tap on Warmer.

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Set YouTube bedtime reminder:
If you do not keep track of time while using YouTube, then you have to set its bedtime reminder. This will tell you when to turn off YouTube and go to sleep. For this go to Settings and then tap on General. After this, turn on the toggle of Remind me when it’s bedtime. From here you can set your bedtime.

Turn on Digital Wellbeing’s Bedtime Mode:
Digital Wellbeing is a tool designed to help reduce screen time. Bedtime mode has been given in it. This feature automatically turns on Do Not Disturb for calls and notifications. Also turns the screen black and white. For this you have to go to Settings. Then Bedtime mode has to be turned on by going to Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.

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