PHOTO: Hamas designed vehicles on the lines of police cars and then attacked Israel


New Delhi : The war continues between the Gulf country Israel and Hamas. First of all, Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th. After that, the Israeli Army, IDF (Israeli Defense Force) has started a rapid attack on the targets of Hamas. The biggest thing is that on the day Hamas terrorists started attacking Israeli cities and towns, the Jewish festival ‘Shabbat’ was being celebrated by the people. Then Hamas terrorists launched attacks from land and air. Shocking facts are also coming to light that Hamas had designed its vehicles on the lines of police cars to throw dust in the eyes of the army and police and then attacked Israeli cities.

The vehicles were designed on the lines of police cars.

A statement issued by the Israeli Army on Tuesday said that its initial investigation had revealed that Hamas had about 20 vehicles designed on the lines of police cars to appear Israeli. These included jeeps, pickup vans, Savana vehicles, armored vehicles equipped with modern features and information systems and more than eight-10 motorcycles.

Army captured three armored vehicles

The Israeli army also says that IDF soldiers had captured a Hamas vehicle carrying a French tourist. Although the army also says that it is not yet clear how many vehicles involved in the Hamas attack have been taken back to Gaza, but it has succeeded in capturing three armored IDF jeeps equipped with updated communication equipment.

Hamas had made fake sets for the attack

Media reports also reveal that Hamas had prepared fake sets before attacking Israeli cities and towns. For this work, Hamas terrorists had practiced for about two years. Although Israel was watching their practice, it was confident that Hamas would not attack it. Hamas had assured Israel that it was very concerned about the workers of Gaza Strip.

Terrorists infiltrated on motorcycles

It is being told in media reports that Hamas fighters had used explosives to break the barriers. Apart from this, Hamas terrorists used motorcycles to infiltrate the Israeli border. After this they removed the barricading using bulldozers. Then somewhere Hamas fighters attacked the headquarters of Southern Gaza. However, jammers were installed there. The terrorists destroyed the communication channels, so that information could not be passed on to anyone.

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