Plane crash in Zimbabwe, six dead including Indian industrialist and son. Loktej World News


Harare, 02 October (HS). Six people, including an Indian industrialist and his son, died in a horrific plane crash in Zimbabwe. The private plane of mining company owner Harpal Singh Randhawa met with an accident due to a technical fault.

Indian industrialist Harpal Singh Randhawa’s company Riozim mines gold and coal in Zimbabwe. Besides, the company also deals in refining of metals like nickel and copper. Randhawa is also the founder of Gem Holding, a $4 billion equity firm. This single engine aircraft is owned by the company Riozim. The plane was going from the capital Harare to the Murowa diamond mine. Meanwhile, due to a technical fault, a single-engine Cessna 206 aircraft exploded in the air near a diamond mine located in Mashawa, southwestern area of ​​Zimbabwe.

Indian industrialist Randhawa was traveling on the company’s private plane with his son and four other people. All six people on board the plane died in this accident. Those who died in the plane crash included Harpal Singh Randhawa, his son and four others. Randhawa’s company has issued a statement confirming the death of Harpal Singh Randhawa.

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