PM Kisan Yojana: Whether you will get 15th installment or not, you can also check in this way


internet desk, Many schemes are operated by the Central Government and one of those schemes is Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. In this scheme, farmers are given three installments of Rs. 2-2 thousand thrice in a year. Due to which they get full 6 thousand rupees.

So far 14 installments have been received and now the 15th is awaited. In such a situation, the beneficiaries of this scheme can check their status to know whether they will get the installment or not. So let’s know how to check the status.

can check like this

step 1
Go to the portal of this scheme and you will get the option of Beneficiary Status, click on it.
After this, fill the registration number of the scheme or the 10 digit mobile number.

step 2
Captcha code will appear on the screen, enter it here
After that you have to click on the submit button
After that the status will appear on the screen

step 3
A message written next to E-KYC, Eligibility and Land Siding will appear in the status, it has to be checked. If no is written in front of these three, then you can be deprived of the installment and if yes is written in front of these three, then you can get the benefit of the installment.

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