PM Modi In France Paris to attend Military day Parade Punjab regiment is Participating


Paris: Friday, July 14, is France’s national day, which it celebrates as Bastille Day. This time this National Day of France is also very special for India. This was also mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was addressing Indians in La Seine musical. PM Modi said that hundreds of years ago, lakhs of Indian soldiers had sacrificed their lives on French soil. PM Modi said that the same regiment has come to France to participate in National Day. PM Modi called it a proud moment and thanked France.

what happened 107 years ago
PM Modi said that 100 years ago, while protecting the pride of France, Indian soldiers were martyred on French soil while performing their duty. Once again the Punjab Regiment, one of the regiments that fought here, is going to participate in the National Day Parade tomorrow. This is the first time in 107 years that the Punjab Regiment will march with French troops. According to defense experts, this historic occasion is going to prove to be a moment in military history to acknowledge the valor and bravery displayed by Indian soldiers.
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Gallantry of the Punjab Regiment

As such, a contingent of 269 soldiers from the three Indian armies will be seen marching along with the French forces in the military parade. But everyone needs to know about the bravery saga of the Punjab Regiment. The world knows that there is a mutual contact between the armies of India and France since the First World War. Lakhs of Indian soldiers took part in this war. Of these, about 74,000 soldiers fought in muddy trenches. These soldiers never returned again. While the rest 67,000 soldiers were injured.

europe will salute
The world still remembers how the soldiers of the Punjab Regiment fought very bravely even on French soil. His courage, valor and supreme sacrifice not only thwarted the enemy, but also contributed significantly in winning the war. While PM Modi will witness this glorious moment at the Bastille Day Parade, Europe will also salute the bravery of these soldiers after hundreds of years. During the French Revolution of 14 July 1789, the Bastille fort was attacked on this day. This day is celebrated as the memory of that attack. France also knows Bastille Day as ‘Fête Nationale Française’ or National Day.

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