PM Modi said in B20 summit, 13.5 crore people were taken out of poverty


Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) has asked the industry to focus on consumer rights. Suggesting one day in a year to be celebrated as ‘International Consumer Service’ Day, he has said that instead of celebrating consumer rights, the industry should focus on becoming consumer-centric. Addressing the B20 (Business 20) India Summit here on Sunday, Modi said that the festive season in India has started on August 23 with Chandrayaan-3 reaching the moon. He said that during the Kovid-19 epidemic, India has saved the lives of crores of people by increasing the production of vaccines. He said that during the last five years, about 13.5 crore people have been brought out of poverty. The Prime Minister said that today India is an important part of the global supply chain. He said that we have invited the African Union to become a permanent member of the G20.

The Prime Minister said that India is paying special attention to green energy. He said that we are trying to replicate the success of solar energy in green hydrogen. The B20 summit has been organized from 25 to 27 August. The theme of this summit is RAISE. – Responsible, prompt, innovative, sustainable and fair business. More than 1,500 delegates from about 55 countries are participating in it.

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