POK on Indian Map: Deputy Prime Minister of ‘UAE’ shows ‘POK’ to India

Sharja, Circle Institute: POK on Indian Map: UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan has underlined that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is an inseparable part of India.

India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor: Nahyan has released a video, on which he has shown that Aksai Chin along with PoK are part of India as per the Government of India. China’s attack with Pakistan is considered a big blow.

It is clear that Pakistan’s propaganda regarding PoK has failed. UAE, which once had highly criticized relations with Pakistan, accepts that PoK is a part of India and not of Pakistan. Only Islamic countries are considered to be a relief to India on the issue of Kashmir.

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POK on Indian Map: UAE Kashmir investment investment

Big investment has started in Kashmir from UAE. Dubai-based Emaar is the first foreign company to invest in a mega-mall spanning 10 lakh square feet in Srinagar. Emaar would have taken this decision after canceling 370 pens in 2019.

POK on Indian Map: Special! pakistani kangawa

G-20 member Deshani has turned a deaf ear to India over the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir; Pakistan would have ignored such a callous call.

Pakistan would have objected to the planning of G-20 meeting here by declaring that Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed region. That means it had no consequences.

POK on Indian Map: Anti-Pak Poket Bund

In PoK, people have called for an anti-Pakistan bandh due to grain crop shortage, unfair taxes, vegetable crop shortage, ill-will etc. This demand has been made openly by the Shia community to open the Kargil Dar.

This is the covenant:

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