Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt did not take care of ‘Aashiqui’ fame Rahul Roy, the actor said – I need work


Actor Rahul Roy, who rose to fame with the 1990 musical blockbuster ‘Aashiqui’, suffered a brain stroke in 2020 and was admitted to the ICU of Nanavati Hospital for medical treatment. The actor has now opened up about his experience in the hospital. Has revealed that none of his friends from Bollywood including Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt, Manisha Koirala, Raveena Tandon or Karisma Kapoor came to visit or check on him during his stay in the hospital.

In an interview to Siddharth Kannan, Rahul Roy was asked whether Aashiqui director Mahesh Bhatt or his daughter Pooja had called him to check on him. He said ‘No, but never mind.’ At the same time, the actor’s sister Priyanka said, ‘Nobody called from his house either. Not only this, his twin brother Rohit Roy also never called. No one from his family has called him yet, hasn’t contacted him. When his own brother did not call then how can we expect from the stars.

Salman Khan helped financially

Sister told how Salman Khan came forward and helped her financially. ‘Salman was not aware of his condition. But when he came to know, he called. Rahul told, ‘Salman had paid the outstanding bill of the hospital in February. He called and asked if he could help and he did. I am very grateful to him. Priyanka said, ‘He never took any publicity on this.’

Rahul Roy-Salman Khan: Salman Khan supported ‘Aashiqui’ fame Rahul Roy in difficult times, paid hospital bills

These actors took care of Rahul Roy

Priyanka and Rahul also said that if film director Nitin Gupta had not neglected Rahul’s health, the brain stroke could have been avoided. Priyanka also mentioned other actors who supported and helped her during the crisis. Priyanka said, ‘There were one or two actors who had come to meet. One of them was Aditi Govitrikar, Suchitra Pillai also came and helped her. Rahul said that he is doing much better now financially, but I need work. I will be happy if I get the job.

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