Popular Social Media Network : ‘Top 10’ Popular Social Media Siteच्या यादितून Twitter Baher; Who is number one?


Pudhari Online Desk : Popular Social Media Network : Social media sites have covered your virtual world. This world has become an inseparable part of our direct awakening. Today every person is active on one or the other social medium. There are many social media sites in the virtual world. In which there is constant big competition. Each sites always make different changes to attract their customers. However, frequent changes can also lead to downgrading. Twitter la bhi yachach phada basat aahe. Twitter top 10 chiya baher fekle gaye aahe from the list of popular social media sites. Let’s know who is number one and Twitter at what position.

Popular Social Media Network: Who is number one in popular social media sites?

Statista, a German online data gathering and visualization platform, has published a list of the most popular social networks worldwide based on the number of monthly active users as of January 2023. In this, Facebook is the number one popular social media site. And YouTube is the second number channel.

Metachi Baji (Meta-Fb, Insta, What’s app)

The most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2023 by Statista, all three platforms on Meta are in the top-4 based on the number of monthly active users. Second ranking YouTube Sodla and other all major social media sites are deleted. According to reports, WhatsApp and Instagram have over 200 million monthly active users worldwide.

Twitter (Twitter) 14th place

Twitter has been thrown into 14th place in the list of the world’s most popular social networks based on the number of monthly active users as of January 2023 by Statista. Twitterla is not even in the first top 10. Tar Twitterla Monthly Active Userscha First Classcha Tappa Bhi Gathta Alela Nahi. Twitter’s active monthly users are less than 60 million.
Teslache Elon Musk has been constantly changing Twitter after buying Twitter. Also some new facilities have also been given. Twitterche blue badge sarva ki paid banana aahe. Also Twitterla has come to limit how many tweets can be seen every day. Similarly, there are frequent complaints of Twitter down. That’s why Twitterla has hit a lot.

Popular Social Media Network : Which social media sites have monthly active users?

Facebook – Facebook – 295.8 million
YouTube – 251.4 million
Whatsapp what’s app – 200 crores
Instagram Instagram – 200 crores
WeChat – 130.9 million
tiktok tiktok – 105.1 crore
Facebook Messenger Facebook messenger – 931 million
Douyin – 715 million
Telegram Telegram – 70 crores
Snapchat Snapchat – 635 million
Kuaishou – 626 million
Sina Weibo – 584 million
QQ – 57.4 crore
Twitter – Twitter – 556 million
Pinterest – 445 million

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