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Global audio brand EPOS today launched its first personal webcam, the EXPAND Vision 1. The company has launched it for other companies where more people work and want to connect with each other through video calls. This can help them a lot. These cameras are designed for meeting rooms only. You get many great features in this, but before buying it, you should know about many things-Calling facility-

Separate facility is provided for this camera calling of EPOS. You do not need to think much about its picture quality. Along with this, a separate microphone is also provided for calling which does not catch noise. Rather, with its help, you can easily contact anyone. When you talk, you will feel that the voice is coming very clearly in it. Our experience was also similar regarding this.

If you do video calling then you get much better picture quality in it. This is the reason why most people buy it. Apart from professional, you can also take it for personal use. This can help you a lot. More meeting at meeting and work place has also been fully taken care of. When we used it continuously, we also liked its microphone very well.

Design and Build Quality

The company has also done a lot of work on the design and build quality of EPOS Expand Vision 1. This is the reason why it is being liked a lot by the people. Due to the compact design, it becomes very easy to carry it. It also becomes very easy to carry from one place to another. We have had a very good experience with its design. Also, a cover is also provided with this camera. You can easily keep the camera in it. You can place it wherever you want because of the lens cover.

A cable is also being given to you along with the camera. With its help, you can also connect it easily. Also the quality of its cable is also very good. With its help, it also connects easily.

1200x900 - Puneet FilmiPop (16)

Price and our verdict-

To buy EPOS Vision 1 you have to spend Rs 21,440. If you are searching for a device with better camera quality and design, then you can include it in your list. In this context, it is going to prove to be a much better option for you.

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