Prabha Khaitan Foundation reaching London with ‘Kalam-o-Utsav’. Loktej Entertainment, World News

Prabha Khaitan Foundation is arriving in London to celebrate India’s civilisation, culture, art, literature and language. On October 15, the Foundation will be present at Oxford Business College London with a bouquet of literary events in the form of ‘Kalam-o-Utsav’. This one-day festival will have a total of 10 fascinating sessions including the inaugural session, in which 15 panelists will participate. There will also be a classical dance performance during this period. Well-known writers, scholars and artists of Hindi literature from India and London are present in this program. The festival will be full of ideas, stories, discussions and also classical dance performances.

The ‘Kalam-o-Utsav’ will be inaugurated on 15 October at 10 am at Oxford Business College, Brentford London. During this period, the topics on which famous Hindi writers, litterateurs and academic scholars will share their views are – ‘Bhetaar Kahani ki Bhoomi: Apni Bhasha Apni People’; ‘Words making history’; ‘Poetry, Diplomacy and Women’s Stories’; ‘Changing Waves: The Evolving Landscape of Feminism’; ‘Challenges and Prospects of Media’; ‘Hindi literature and women’s discourse’; ‘Pages of Truth and Imagination’; ‘Mountains, Characters and Imagination’; ‘Salt as per taste’ and ‘Changing scenario of media and literature’.

These sessions included writer Alpana Mishra; Sahitya Akademi Award winner Anamika; Writer Anil Sharma ‘Joshi’; Dr Sachchidanand Joshi, member secretary, author and academic head of the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts in New Delhi; Writer and Bihari Award winner Manisha Kulshrestha; Writer and blogger, Pratyaksha; Rajesh Kumar, author and editor-in-chief of the Hindi Encyclopedia at the Central Hindi Institute; Writer, Rekha Sethi; Novelist and journalist Sanjeev Paliwal; Many scholars, including author and veteran journalist, Lakshmi Prasad Pant, are participating. Odissi dancer, Donna Ganguly will also perform a cultural dance with her group at the ‘Kalam-o-Utsav’.

The three personalities who have helmed the event as Festival Directors are Apara Kuchhal, Honorary Convener of Rajasthan and Central India Affairs of Ehsaas Women and Prabha Khaitan Foundation; Honorary Convener of Delhi-NCR Affairs of Ehsaas Women and Prabha Khaitan Foundation, Neelima Dalmia, Director of Aadhaar and Oxford Business College, Padmesh Gupta, Founder of Hindi Committee of UK.

The festival is being organized during the Indo-European Hindi Festival, which is being held on 13th and 14th of October.

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