Prachanda India Nepal News: Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah Remark On India Amid Nepal PM Prachand Pritam Singh Statement


Kathmandu: Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s statement about Indian-origin Nepali businessman Pritam Singh has created a ruckus in the country. While KP Oli supporters are creating a ruckus in the Parliament of Nepal, the controversial Mayor of Kathmandu, Balen Shah has now spewed venom against India. Shah claimed that the MPs who formed the Prachanda government take orders from India. At the same time, Shekhar Koirala, an influential leader of the Nepali Congress, who is part of the ruling coalition, has also launched a scathing attack against Prachanda. He said that the statement of the Nepali PM has insulted the public.

Earlier, PM Prachanda had given a statement that Indian citizen Pritam Singh had met the Indian ruling establishment several times and agreed to make him the Prime Minister. After this statement of Prachanda, there has been a ruckus in Nepal. Along with the opposition parties, now our own people have also heard Prachanda fiercely. Oli’s party is demanding Prachanda’s resignation. In his post on Facebook, Balen Shah questioned the MPs who made Prachanda the Prime Minister.
An Indian business from Nepal asked me to become PM in Delhi… Opposition is demanding resignation on Prachanda’s statement

Uproar over Prachanda’s statement in Nepal’s Parliament

Not only this, Balen Shah alleged that many MPs involved in the government of Nepal allegedly follow the instructions of India. He said that Indian slaves are running the government of the country. Meanwhile, uproar continues in the Parliament of Nepal over Prachanda’s statement. On the other hand, Shekhar Koirala called Prachanda’s statement an insult to the people of Nepal. He said, ‘PM Prachanda’s statement has not only harmed the dignity of the Parliament but is also an insult to the Nepalese people.’

In response to united India, Nepali leader put a map of Greater Nepal

Meanwhile, Nepal’s main opposition party CPN UML created ruckus inside the National Assembly on Friday as well. He demanded the resignation of PM Prachanda. As soon as the proceedings of Parliament started on Friday, Oli’s MPs started obstructing the work. Opposition MPs did not agree even after the speaker said several times. After this, the proceedings of the Parliament have been adjourned till Sunday. With this statement of Prachanda, now the opposition parties have got a chance to attack him once again. Earlier, there was a lot of controversy over Prachanda’s visit to India.

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