Premium smartphone will be in every pocket! Do these 4 things while buying a phone from Flipkart – flipkart big saving days sale 4 tips to buy premium smartphone conveniently and economically


Recently Amazon has organized its Prime Day Sale. Meanwhile, Flipkart has also announced Big Saving Days Sale. This cell will start from July 15. During this, many amazing deals will be given to the customers, after which the products can be bought at a lower price. However, many times we like the expensive product. If we talk about smartphones, nowadays people are upgrading to premium smartphones and are looking for secure and affordable options to buy them.

Flipkart brings some such services for its customers so that customers can get the benefit of affordable payment and secure delivery. Today we are telling you about 4 such options of Flipkart, through which your shopping experience will become even better.

Flipkart Exchange:
Just like other companies provide exchange offers, in the same way, under the Flipkart exchange program, customers can exchange their old phone and get a discount on a new phone. For this the condition of the phone should be fine. The exchange value of each phone varies. This feature is a convenient way to upgrade your phone while saving money.

No Cost EMI:
Through No Cost EMI, customers get the benefit of paying in installments without paying interest. In this, depending on the offer, the option of up to 24 months is available. However, this offer is not given on every device. You need to check whether No Cost EMI is available on the product you are looking to buy on the product page. Paying on EMIs allows customers to upgrade from premium devices without worrying about the budget.

Flipkart Pay Letter:

You can make the payment as per your convenience through Flipkart Pay Later. Under this, you can buy the product today and you will have to pay for it later. Some discounts are also given with this. For this a KYC process has to be completed. After this, a credit of up to Rs 1,00,000 is available in Flipkart Pay Later. Under this service, one gets a chance to pay the ration in 12 instalments.

Open Box Delivery:
Discount on the same is fine but Flipkart also saves from rigging at the time of delivery. Open Box Delivery is a unique service of the company. Under this, at the time of delivery, the Flipkart product delivery agent opens the package in front of the customer. If there is anything missing or damage in the product or if the product is not the one ordered, then the customer can return it. Its refund will be given to the customers. This also helps in getting rid of delivery scams.

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