Prices of vegetables rose due to rain, tomato turned red, the price hit double century


Due to incessant rains in various regions of the country, the prices of vegetables are witnessing a rise amid adverse impact on the supply. In some parts of the country including Delhi, the retail prices of tomatoes have reached Rs 200 per kg. Traders said that due to water-logging due to heavy rains in the growing areas, the tomato crop has suffered a lot. Vegetables like onion and ginger grown under the ground have also come under the grip of bad weather. Many parts of the country including Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan have received heavy rains in the last few days. There is a possibility of damage to many crops due to this.

All India Average Retail Price of Tomato 104.38 per kg

According to the Consumer Affairs Ministry data, the all-India average retail price of tomato was Rs 104.38 per kg today. Its maximum price was Rs 200 per kg in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, while the minimum price was Rs 31 per kg in Churu. These figures show that the retail price of tomato in the metropolitan cities was the highest in Kolkata at Rs 149 per kg. After this, tomatoes were sold at Rs 135 per kg in Mumbai, Rs 123 per kg in Chennai and Rs 100 per kg in Delhi. The retail prices of tomatoes and other vegetables depend on their quality and the place they are sold.

Prices of most vegetables increase during the monsoon season

Ashok Kaushik, member of Delhi-based Azadpur Sabzi Mandi and president of Azadpur Tomato Association, said, “Due to heavy rains in the last two days, the supply of tomatoes in Delhi has been further disrupted. If the heavy rains continue, the prices are unlikely to come down anytime soon. Today the wholesale price of tomato in Azadpur mandi was Rs.100-160 per kg. Kaushik said that the current demand is being met from Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka. He said that every year the prices of most vegetables increase during the monsoon season as some crops get damaged due to water-logging.

Tomatoes are being sold at Rs 200 per kg in Delhi

Jyotish Jha, a retail vegetable seller from Paschim Vihar, said, “I bought tomatoes at Azadpur wholesale market at Rs 160 per kg and retailed it at Rs 170 per kg. Some vendors are also selling tomatoes at Rs 200 per kg in Delhi. He said retail prices of onions and potatoes have also gone up, apart from other vegetables like French beans, cauliflower, cabbage and ginger. The retail prices of most vegetables are above Rs 60 per kg. For example, the retail price of okra is Rs 80 per kg, while the retail price of bitter gourd, bottle gourd and cucumber is Rs 60 per kg, cauliflower is sold up to Rs 180 per kg. In the last fortnight, the price of ginger has increased from Rs 240 per kg to Rs 300 per kg.

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