Prime Minister gave a strong message to anti-India forces from American soil


Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi said that “India is the mother of democracy” while “America is the champion of modern democracy” and the world is witnessing the strengthening of bilateral relations between these two great democracies.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unprecedented and historic US visit has come to an end. The eyes of the whole world were on this Yatra and all the programs related to Yatra. Every moment of welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi in America was a moment of pride for Indians. This visit is about to start a new golden chapter of friendship between the two countries. From this visit, on one hand a strong message has been given to India’s enemy countries China and Pakistan, on the other hand a message has also been given to those forces who are trying to destroy India and India by broadcasting baseless news on the interests of minorities, human rights, freedom of expression etc. They keep trying to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit began on the occasion of International Yoga Day by leading a historic yoga session at the United Nations Headquarters. It was from here that the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian culture in America started to be felt. The enthusiasm of the people there to do yoga with Modi ji in the program organized in New York was amazing. Sanskrit verses including Om were also announced in the yoga program. This was a proud moment for Indian culture and yoga. It is the result of the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that today Yoga has spread all over the world and is binding the world in one thread.

During his visit to America, Prime Minister Modi met many important personalities of America, addressed the US Parliament as the most important event and held bilateral talks with US President Biden and the subsequent press conference. In the last leg of the visit, he addressed Indians settled in America at the Ronald Reagan Center. The positive results of the Prime Minister’s visit to America have already started emerging.

At the last stop of his visit, the Prime Minister told that America has decided to return 100 ancient idols and heritage of India which were transported to America and international markets through some means in the last 70 years. Apart from this, referring to the agreements between India and America for defense, technology transfer, promoting manufacturing and strengthening the industrial supply chain, he said that there is a similarity in the approach of the two countries on global issues and their growing relationship. Will promote efforts related to “Make in India” and “Make for the World”.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi said that “India is the mother of democracy” while “America is the champion of modern democracy” and the world is witnessing the strengthening of bilateral relations between these two great democracies. He said that the Indian-American community will play a big role in realizing the true potential of the relationship between the two countries. This is the right time to invest more and more in India. The Prime Minister said that together we are not only formulating policies and agreements, but we are also shaping lives, dreams and destinies. He said that both the countries are taking concrete steps for a better future.

While addressing the Indians settled in America, when the Prime Minister told that now the renewal of H-1B visa will be done in America only, the crowd present there danced with joy and echoed with the deafening slogans of Modi-Modi. Indians living in America will no longer have to come to India for renewal of H1B visa for their work and they will be able to get this work done by continuing their job in America itself. This decision will facilitate Indians working in engineering and other high technology in America. In future, this facility will also be available for L visa holders.

Addressing the Indian community, he said that the agreement to manufacture fighter aircraft engines in India would also prove to be a milestone for India’s defense sector. This decision will increase mutual trust. Amidst deafening slogans of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, he said that the biggest reason behind India’s progress is self-confidence.

In addition, Narendra Modi has become the first Indian Prime Minister to address the US Parliament twice in his nine years in office. Addressing the US Parliament, he said that terrorism is the enemy of humanity, there can be no ifs and buts to deal with this menace. This address of the Prime Minister was historic, listening to which people not only in India but all over the world kept awake. With his style of speech, the Prime Minister not only attacked the sponsors of terror, but also gave a befitting reply to those who go abroad and criticize Indian democracy and conspire to stall the proceedings of the House inside India. In the American Parliament, the magic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was speaking to the heads of the MPs, every MP there wanted to shake hands with Modi. During the speech, there was applause in the parliament 79 times and 15 times people stood up and clapped. After about an hour of his speech, US lawmakers vied for selfies and autographs with Modi. The way US lawmakers surrounded him for selfies and autographs was a wonderful sight. During this speech, the world realized that Indo-US relations are moving towards a new height.

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Along with becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi started the tradition of presenting indigenous gifts to world leaders in accordance with India’s cultural tradition and in this episode also he presented special gifts to US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden. Prime Minister Modi presented a silver idol of Lord Ganesha to the first American couple, a specially made Drishta Sahasrachandra, products like jaggery and salt and gifted Jill Biden an exclusive “green diamond”.

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Political analysts and foreign affairs experts are analyzing what exactly India has got from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America. Everyone believes that it has been decided from this visit that now the whole world is looking towards India with hope and listening to its views. After the Prime Minister’s visit to America, many big companies and industrialists there have announced to invest heavily in India. Companies like Amazon, Google, Micron, Tesla are going to increase their investment in India. US semiconductor companies have announced initial investments of $3.15 billion in India. Companies related to green energy have also proposed new investments. In the space sector, the American agency NASA has announced to send an Indian passenger to space by 2024.

Now India can get strong support from many countries of the world including America for the decisive fight against Pakistan sponsored terrorism although China is still becoming a major obstacle in the fight against terror. The second important thing is that India’s claim for a permanent seat in the United Nations General Assembly has once again been strengthened and America has also supported it. Those people in America who keep running anti-India agenda from time to time, their dream has been shattered. Some of India’s so-called liberal-minded left-wing people were looking forward to American Vice President Kamala Harris with hopeful eyes, but they were disappointed there too because she praised the Covid vaccine made in India and its distribution all over the world. . It is clear that there can be more stability in the relations between India and America in the coming times.

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