Prime Minister Modi succeeded in giving a big political message for 2024 from Yashobhoomi


On all the inauguration programs organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he first honors the workers and boosts their morale. At Yashobhoomi also, he first talked to all types of Vishwakarma brothers and sisters working there and boosted their morale.

On the occasion of Lord Vishwakarma Jayanti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated Asia’s largest exhibition and conference center Yashobhoomi Rashtra to the nation in the capital Delhi and launched the Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Yojana to benefit 18 types of traditional artisans and craftsmen from this new premises. Through this scheme, tailors, carpenters, boat makers, armourers, iron workers, basket, mat, broom makers, coir weavers, doll and toy makers, traditional goldsmiths, potters, shoe makers, hammer and toolkit makers, To give loan without guarantee up to Rs. 3 lakh to skilled brothers and sisters working as locksmiths, sculptors, stone carvers, stone breakers, masons, hair cutters, garland makers, clothes washers, tailors, fishing net makers etc. Has announced. Under the Vishwakarma scheme, training and a stipend of Rs 500 will also be given for skill upgradation and the government will also provide assistance in quality certification, branding and marketing of the products that these skilled people will produce with their own hands. In the initial phase, Rs 13000 crore has been released under Vishwakarma Scheme. This scheme is a unique gift to three lakh workers on the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti. It is believed that this scheme will bring a big change in the financial condition of 30 lakh families. This scheme will also help small businesses and workers to expand their business and improve their economic condition.

Vishwakarma Yojana has come as a new ray of hope for millions of traditional skilled brothers and sisters of the society. Through this scheme, there will be a lot of support in making local goods of India global. Addressing the Vishwakarmas present in the conference, Prime Minister Narendra said that when the bank does not consider you a guarantee, Modi gives you a guarantee. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also taken a big initiative to win the hearts of people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and deprived sections of the society through the new Vishwakarma Scheme. Most of the artisans and craftsmen who do this traditional work come from these sections of the society. Bharatiya Janata Party is determined to empower these sections of the society because ever since the era of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s politics has started and even before that, this section of the society is associated with the BJP.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a statement with deep political implications on the occasion of the inauguration of Yasho Bhoomi and the launch of Vishwakarma Yojana. It has been the special working style of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that on all the inauguration programs he has done till now, he first respects the workers and boosts their morale. At Yashobhoomi also, he first talked to all types of Vishwakarma brothers and sisters working there and boosted their morale.

During his tenure, the Prime Minister has given centers like Bharat Mandap and Yashobhoomi which will not only fulfill the dream of a developed India but will also become the source of employment for lakhs of youth in the future. People from all over the world will come to both the centers for international conferences, meetings and exhibitions, this will provide employment to lakhs of youth and also work to traditional artisans and craftsmen. In the coming days, Bharat Pavilion and Yashobhoomi Conference are also going to emerge as focal points of tourism.

In his address, in view of the upcoming festivals, the Prime Minister once again urged the countrymen to buy local products and said that they should use only those products which have the imprint of our Vishwakarma colleagues and the fragrance of Indian soil. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also given the message of Sanatan culture through his address because in all the upcoming festivals and dates of Hindu religion, even the smallest materials and products are used for the benefit of the deprived society. These are made only with the help of traditional artisans and craftsmen. There came a period in which the products made and sold by our traditional artisans and craftsmen were being dominated by Chinese products and our artisans were being forced to abandon their art.

The new Vishwakarma scheme will give new life to the art of such artisans. This scheme has been started even before the implementation of the code of conduct for the assembly elections of five states and it is believed that this scheme will definitely be promoted in all these states because the beneficiaries of this scheme have the ability to influence the electoral politics. Keep.

-Mrityunjay Dixit

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