Railcard Tattoo: Get tattoo done, get free public transport facility


Railcard tattoo: Austria is offering free public transport for one year to people willing to get tattooed. People in Austria are being given a special offer for free public transport travel. Those who get Railcard tattoo done on their body, they will be given special facility for one year. People will be given an annual railcard of 1000 Euro i.e. Rs 89,864 after getting tattooed. Green MP and Austrian Climate Minister Leonor Gewesler was seen promoting the deal at the Frequency Festival in the city of St. Pölten last Thursday.

He got his own temporary tattoo, which read “Guessler takes the lead”, emphasizing that the promotion was problem-free.

How does the tattoo scheme work for tickets?

A pop-up tattoo parlor, whose banner reads ““Aktion geht unter die Haut” (Action that gets under your skin) has appeared at several events this summer. were invited to tattoo their ‘Climatiquet’ (climate ticket) on themselves in exchange for free Austria-wide train travel for 2016. Campaigners say six people have gotten tattoos so far this summer, three at each festival. Got it done and got free ticket.

Concession available for youth, senior citizens and handicapped

This annual ticket can be used on almost all public transport in Austria, allowing people to travel throughout the country for only €3 per day, with concessions available for youth, senior citizens and people with disabilities. Its total cost is €1,095 per year and approximately 245,000 people currently have one. The population of Austria is about 9 million people.

Other tattoo designs related to public transportation, sustainability and climate change were also offered free of charge to attendees at events where the tent appeared. Campaigners say that about 10 people have participated in each festival every day. However, the offer of free rail travel was limited to the first three people who received a Climatic ticket design at each event.

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