Railway Administration: Stoppage of two weekly trains at Hindaun railway station from today, these passengers will be benefited


Mohit Sharma / Karauli. In view of the passenger load in the trains running on the Delhi-Mumbai rail route, the railway administration has decided to increase the frequency of 3 weekly trains.

In which due to stoppage of 2 trains at Hindaun City Railway Station, the passengers connected to Hindaun Railway Station will also get its direct benefit. On the other hand, due to the stoppage of the third weekly train at Gangapur City station coming after Hindaun, passengers can also take direct advantage of this weekly train.

These weekly trains will have stoppage

At Hindaun City Railway Station. Two weekly trains will run between Mumbai to Kathgodam and Vapi to Izzatnagar. Due to which the passengers connected to Hindaun City will be able to travel smoothly till the stopping places of these two weekly trains. Apart from this, due to the Delhi-Mumbai rail route, a special weekly train will also be operated from Mumbai to Banaras. Passengers of Hindaun City will also be able to take advantage of this train from Sawai Madhopur station.

According to Rohit Malviya, senior commercial manager of Kota Railway Division, trains running between Mumbai-Kathgodam will stop at 23 stations. This special weekly train will leave from Mumbai Central in 9 trips on every Wednesday from 5th July to 30th August and the passengers connected with these trains will also be able to take advantage of the stoppage of these trains at Hindaun and nearby stations Gangapur and Sawai Madhopur. from them.

Tickets for general compartment will be available in hand

To travel in these three weekly trains, along with reservation, general compartment ticket can also be taken in hand. At the same time, for more information, passengers can also contact on the online number 139 of the railway administration.

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