Rainy insects: Rainy insects – increased outbreak of insects, take these measures immediately after getting bitten


Rainy Insect Bites: Along with enjoying the monsoon rains, it is also very important to be careful. Sometimes centipedes, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, earthworms suddenly emerge from our sitting place. Due to their bites, itching, rashes, burning sensation, pain and pus also comes in the skin when the infection increases. These insects should be avoided in this season because due to moisture they come above the ground and can sting.

Light insects often start accumulating after rain. Because of this, elders also get upset along with the children. There is a fear that it might fall in the food. If the children are sitting to study, then they are unable to study due to fear, burning, pain and blisters also occur due to its bite. If these insects bite, then clean it by applying antiseptic soap. Calamine lotion will give relief. Applying ice to the burning sensation caused by insect bites provides relief. applying aloe vera and honey insect bites There is relief from burning sensation on the affected area.

Rainy Insect Bites

Try these remedies too

Applying a mixture of baking soda and apple vinegar on the affected area provides relief from itching and burning due to mosquito bites. Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties, which work to kill insect stings. Aloe vera gel is a natural antiseptic agent, which prevents the spread of insect poison.

Rub the place where insects have bitten with a key or a knife from the opposite side. Due to this, the thorny sting of the insect comes out in the skin or the harmful substance does not penetrate the skin. Rubbing ice cubes also provides relief

Rubbing lemon on insect bites does not cause itching and burning. The antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties of citric acid reduce its effect.

Rubbing an onion on the affected area prevents the spread of insect stings due to the sulfur compound present in it.

Rainy Insect Bites Treatment

To avoid these problems in the rainy season, the most important thing is to clean every corner of the house every day. By doing this, rain insects will not be able to hide. Cleaning with chemicals that kill insects can also keep you safe. To avoid mosquitoes, do not allow water to accumulate around the houses.

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