Rajsattecha Padav of Afghanistan. pudhari

World Cup battlefield: Nimish Patgaonkar

Ten and twelve days have passed since the start of the World Cup, the most exciting encounter has not yet happened, then finally the third encounter of the competition has happened. In the tournament or the third match, Afghanistan defeated the World Cup winners England and created a stir in the World Cup. Both of its three teams played in the tournament, Afghanistan accepted the defeat in the final and England took pride of place near Anun Basawale. A victory for Afghanistan would have been huge in many ways. The English federation is weak because Ben Stokes is not there. The opinion of England is great, but it is difficult for England to depend so much on only one player.

Afghanistan is the only association in the cricket world which has Test status; But he doesn’t have his own house. You got independence on 15 August, and Afghanistan got independence on 15 August 2021, when Taliban regained control of Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s cricket players and Afghanistan Cricket Board officials left their motherland after the Taliban captured it; Because it is not told what the rules of Taliban will be. Women’s cricket, which started nine years ago in 2010 after the Taliban’s invasion in Afghanistan, was first stopped by the Taliban. Afghan women cricketers are relieved as they have been deported from the country to Australia because of the Taliban’s stuck session. Taliban recognized men’s cricket; But due to Talibani royalty, neither do they get any corporate sponsorship, nor do any countries visit Afghanistan.

This time, Afghanistan’s men’s cricket got its base while Shazar’s got its support from United Arab Emirates. Afghanistan’s Sangha agreed to grant visas and asylum for five years and in exchange Afghanistan played one limited edition of UAE’s Sangha every year. The billions of rupees were useful in providing him high-ranking cricketers, experience in Afghanistan and support to Afghanistan. Afghanistan cricket faces difficulties in getting funds for their activities from ‘ICC’, due to confusion in the rules of foreign movement due to Taliban rule. Such or exiled players neither get to play any local competitions, nor do they have tickets for coaches for one or two years. Assistant coach Jonathan Trott’s term ends in December 2022; But it was increased for the World Cup. At that time, the base of young players in the league was only three players, namely Rashid Khan, Nabi and Mujiur Rehman. Today, Tighe plays in 6 leagues around the world and shares the experience he gained there with his team. That’s their main training. I am telling you that the victory of Afghanistan for all is important.

Cricket teams like Jagala Deorya and England Cricket have all the latest facilities. The main meaning is freedom to live in one’s own country, Sarawala is the basis of many competitions. It has its own grounds, economic stability, the best data platforms and analytics software in the cricket world, or in short, England has got everything it needs for today’s modern cricket. Read the articles of English Association in previous years and find out from the world of MCC coaching books the best analytics and tricks for the competitors. In 2015, England defeated everyone else in its league except weak Scotland and then Afghanistan and got the data strategist. As a result, he has got the Pannas Six Trophy for 2019 and the T-20 World Cup for 2022.

England’s leading bowler, Volkswar Delhi’s Arun Jaitley, who was so perfect, created a ruckus on the field, with openers Salamvir Gurbaz and Ibrahim Jhadran. Of the 5 hexagrams, 35 dhawas were fruitful and out of them 31 dhawas were vokshya and 3 hexagrams were lutlya. If there had been an uproar after that then Sam Kurenwar. Dawachya’s 9th ball and Kuren’s second six were hit for the second time. After 13 sixes without a century, it seemed as if Afghanistan would score a big run after giving the century salute; But Rahmat and Gurbaz were born after the lesson. Gurbaj’s game would have been just a synonym for running; Because of the English bowler’s stubbornness, he could not stop the runners from running. This is what Afghanistan would have looked like after Livingstone and Root hit middle-class sixes.

Ikram Rashid and Mujeeb’s partner took Afghanistan’s score to 284. Mujibachya’s one off-stump’s jar was empty, but his bat was empty and his triphala was poured out. The English Union did not make any initial push. Nabi, Mujib and Rasheed did not give up England’s participation and marked an unforgettable victory one by one. Afghanistan’s own war would have been against England; But that would have been contrary to the circumstances of one’s own Halakhi. Due to Taliban’s power, their full membership of ICC should be cancelled? Asahi would have been an ideologue. Afghanistan or Vijaya gave comprehensive answers to all the questions.

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