Ramayana a revered text: High Court


During the hearing on the petition to ban the film ‘Adipurush’ due to objectionable dialogues, the Allahabad High Court Taking a stand asked what the producers of the film want to say and show through this film. The High Court has told the makers of the film that by giving a disclaimer, you have understood that the people of the country are stupid. He doesn’t understand anything? He said that why the tolerance of a particular religion is being tested by the makers of the film. The court said that the one who is soft, will he be suppressed, it is good that this film is about such a religion whose followers do not face any kind of law and order problem. The court said that not only Ramayana but religious texts like Holy Quran, Guru Granth Sahib and Gita should be avoided in any way, as they are believed by crores of people and not by any one community. The court came down hard on the censor board saying that it was a big mistake to pass such a film. The court asked the filmmakers to watch a short documentary on Quran, in which wrong things have been shown, then you will come to know. On the other hand, the Lucknow bench has issued a notice to Manoj Muntashir Shukla, who wrote the dialogues of the film Adipurush, and has summoned a reply within a week. The High Court has said that the dialogue of the film is a big issue in the controversy over this film. In fact, for crores of people who have faith in Hindustan and Sanatan Dharma, Ramayana is a religious book and it is worshipable along with being an example and it is also seen that people read Ramcharitmanas or Ramayana from their homes only after saluting it. Come on, how it was made to look like a joke. So it is not right to touch certain things and define them in our own way. The court commented that it is a matter of pride that people remained calm even after watching this film and no law and order crisis could arise and no one violated any limit. Otherwise, it could also happen that people would get furious with anger as soon as their faith was hurt and would go on a rampage. Commenting on the dogmas of the filmmakers, the court has said that in response to the notice, they should come forward and explain what is their intention and what is their research behind what they have written. Apart from this, after coming to the court, they can also explain that the makers of the film Adipurush are more skilled and intelligent than all the people of the country and what they are showing in the film is actually the real interpretation of Ramayana.

In Anand Ramayana, Mahadev Shiva praises Lord Rama and says, ‘I constantly worship Shri Ram Chandra, friend of Sugriva, husband of Sita, body like a new cloud, indus of compassion and eyes like lotus. I always bow down to Shri Ram Chandra, the only essence in the Asar world, the preacher of the Vedas, the real incarnation of religion, the abductor of land, the one who always remains undisturbed and the essence of Anand Sindhu. I always bow down to Shri Ram Chandra, the one who enjoys with Lakshmi, the abode of the world, the destroyer of Lanka, the illuminator of worlds, the giver of shelter to brahmins and the one who is adorned with a smile like the autumn moon. I bow to Shri Ram Chandra, the one who wears the garland of mandarapushpa, the one who speaks eloquent words, the great in virtues, the one who pierces seven palm trees (together), the destroyer of demons and the guardian of the celestial world. I always offer my obeisances to Shri Ram Chandra, who is glorified by the Vedanta (Upanishads), who treats everyone equally, who defeats the standards of the enemy, who rides on Gajendra and who is the supreme deity within. Shyamsundar, the one who gives joy to the eyes, the one who is charming in virtues, who speaks heart-warming words, who is universally admired and who fulfills the wishes of the devotees, I constantly bow down to Shri Ram Chandra. I offer my obeisances at every moment to Sri Ram Chandra, who takes on a body only for the sake of leela, who is patient in the field of battle, who is the only essence in the world, who is the best in Raghuvansh, who speaks serious words and who wins all the promises. I always bow down to Shri Ram Chandra, who is the death of the wicked, who is humble towards his devotees, praised by Samdev, imperceptible even to the mind, able to be sung with love and unattainable by words.’

Lord Rama expresses his feelings towards Hanuman ji in Valmiki Ramayana in this way, ‘ Although Bali and Ravana had immense strength, yet in my understanding both of them were not equal to Hanuman ji. Bravery, efficiency, strength, patience, wisdom, ability to act ethically, bravery and influence all these virtues have made a home within Hanuman ji. When the Vanari army, eager to search for Sita, was distraught at the sight of the ocean, Mahavir Hanuman assured them and they crossed the ocean a hundred yojanas. Again after defeating the demonic ruler of Lankapuri, he visited Ravana’s inner city, found Sita, talked to her and pacified her. Again, brave Hanuman single-handedly killed Ravana’s generals, minister’s sons, kinkars and Ravana’s son Aksh Kumar. After being released from the bondage of Brahmastra, he reprimanded Ravana while talking to him and burnt Lankapuri to ashes in the same way as fire burns earthly things. The unique deeds of bravery performed by Hanuman ji at the time of war are not even heard of by Kaal, Indra, Vishnu and Kuber. By his might I have obtained Lanka, Sita, Lakshmana, kingdom, friends and relatives. What more can I say, if Lord Hanuman had not been the friend of Sugriva, who would have been able to trace Sita?’

The way the makers of the film ‘Adipurush’ have played with the sentiments of the Hindu society by writing controversial dialogues of Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman and other characters on the basis of Ramayana, it is very sad and a serious crime. It is right to put the film in the dock by putting a question mark on the film being passed by the Film Censor Board of the Allahabad High Court. The majority Hindu society of the country, which along with having faith in the law and order of the country, is also peace-loving, that’s why its sentiments are being played with every day. To ensure that this does not happen in future, the government should take strict action against the producers of ‘Adipurush’ film and also make the law stricter so that again no one dares to play with Hindu sentiments.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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