Ramlala resides in his own abode, there is joy in the world

After five centuries of tireless struggle and waiting, Lord Shri Ramlala was established in his new, grand and divine temple. With the consecration of life, an atmosphere of joy and celebration was created in the whole world, which made the place where it was situated as Ayodhya. As soon as Ram Lalla was seated in his own abode, such spontaneous, devotional celebrations started in every corner of India which is unimaginable – all the festivals united and became Ram Parva – at some places Holi was being played, at some places bhajan troupes were sitting, at some places a Rath Yatra of the Lord was taken out. It was happening, someone was making offerings and everyone was celebrating Diwali. Joyful moment, eyes filled with tears of love, Jai Shri Ram on the tongue. All four directions were happy with the chanting of Ram’s name. All differences of age, gender, class and caste were erased – those who were there were just Sanatani, devotees of Ram. People seemed to have lost their senses in happiness. Feeding laddus to strangers with their own hands. Dancing on Ramdhun. This is the place of Lord Ram in the minds of Indian people, there is influence, affection and dedication towards him. Ram is the basis.

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mukti Yagya of crores of faithful Hindus has been completed with the consecration of Lord Shri Ramlala in the grand divine temple built on the birthplace. The wish of Sanatan Samaj has been fulfilled. With the presence of Lord Shri Ramlala in Ayodhya, the Hindu Sanatan Samaj has got a new energy which will keep it alive till eternity. This unique celebration of restoration of Sanatan Dharma and culture has given a new vision to the national consciousness.

The entire Hindu Sanatan Samaj came together to greet Lord Shri Ram and to celebrate the festival of lights, all the walls of caste, creed, high and low collapsed. People who earlier used to hesitate in saying Ram-Ram on the phone are now greeting by saying Ram-Ram, Jai Shri Ramlala on the phone. Certainly, after Lord Shri Ramlala’s presence in Ayodhya and seeing the joy of the society, our ancestors would also be celebrating in their divine abode.

It seemed as if the day of 22 January 2024 was showing a glimpse of Treta Yug in Kalyug. A holy day which was awaited for centuries, hence the festival of lights was organized accordingly. The dream of Ramrajya seems to be coming true. Spiritual consciousness has emerged. Lord Ram is beyond religion, caste, country and other man-made identities. Forgetting the differences related to these subjects, following the ideals of Shri Ram is to move towards Ramrajya. Only the life and ideals of Lord Shri Ram can fulfill India’s aspiration of becoming a world leading nation.

Every person is getting emotional due to the presence of Lord Shri Ramlala, he is getting saturated with joy and is becoming Rammay. The entire Sanatan Samaj displayed infinite patience and kept patience for such a long period and today when the awaited moment comes, it wants to cross the limits of celebration. After the consecration of Lord Shri Ram, the city of Ayodhya is looking like heaven. Every pore of the Ram devotees coming here is thrilled. Prabhu Shri Ramlala’s life consecration in Ayodhya is an occasion for the victory of Sanatan, but while reminding the dignity of Sanatan, the Prime Minister has called for considering it as a moment of humility and also to make this day a day for India to get freedom from mental and ideological slavery. Also described as a day that paves the way.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the guests present after the completion of the Pran Pratishtha program and his special ritual, said – Our Ram has come, Pran Pratishtha has been done, now what next? And then answering this question he added, now we have to lay the foundation for the next one thousand years. Now we have to move towards the real Ramrajya. The significance of Ramrajya lies in taking care of everyone’s welfare. Right now we have to think only about the establishment of Ramrajya and make the nation self-reliant in every field and in the same way as it was in Ramyug. We have to continuously propagate the ideals of Lord Shri Ramlala so that our society can emerge more strongly. No one should think that he is small, one has to keep in mind Ram ji’s squirrel.

While people were rejoicing on the occasion of the consecration ceremony of Lord Shri Ramlala, the opposition parties of India were sitting like angry wedding guests. On the unique occasion of Lord Shri Ram Lalla’s enthronement in Ayodhya, all the opposition parties including Congress had received invitation but they boycotted the program. While opposing Narendra Modi, they have also started opposing the public sentiments of India. Whether the opposition accepts it or not, at present Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular leader of the country and even the common people do not like his unreasonable opposition. Whenever Modi ji makes an appeal to the countrymen, the countrymen accept his appeal and work four times more than what was expected of them. When the lockdown was imposed during the Covid period and Modi ji asked people to come on the rooftops of their houses and clap or light a lamp, then people started clapping, clapping plates, ringing bells, gongs and instead of one lamp, hundreds of lamps were lit. Burned. Even then these parties did not understand anything and now when Lord Shri Ram Lalla was to be welcomed on the occasion of Pran Pratistha, then on the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a Ram Jyoti, the public celebrated a wonderful Deepotsav. Various types of events including Sunderkand, Ramcharit Manas and Hanuman Chalisa were organized in every home and temple. The whole atmosphere became filled with joy.

India is suffering from the disease of slavery mentality ideology. To the people of India, this unforgettable moment or incident may seem to be Modi’s election propaganda, but to every Ram devotee Hindu, who had been waiting for a long time of 500 years, for the Ramjanmabhoomi for which his ancestors made innumerable sacrifices, yet who fought his battle with patience. For him, this day has neither past nor future. Every Ram devotee knows that his ancestors are blessing him from his supreme abode and if he can see this day, then it is natural for him to be spiritually connected with Narendra Modi because of Narendra Modi ji’s strong will power, bravery and tenacity.

This is a spiritual connection between Narendra Modi and the aspirations of the people of India which is beyond politics.

– Mrityunjay Dixit

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