ranveer singh birthday, Ranveer Singh always has a fight with his sister-in-law on this matter, what happens when sister’s husband becomes friend


Sometimes we show love, sometimes we tease

There is an age gap between Ranveer and Deepika’s sister, but the tuning between them is just like friends. Sometimes they show love for each other, sometimes they tease.

For example, once during the promotions of the film ‘Simmba’, when Ranveer had a question-and-answer round, Anisha dropped a sweet message for him saying ‘I love Jiju’.

On the other hand, once when the actor got emotional while receiving the award, Deepika’s sister teasingly commented, ‘Who is cutting onions here?’ (Photo Credits: Instagram @anishapadukone, ranveersingh)

there is a fight too

there is a fight too

Even though the relationship between these brother-in-law and sister-in-law is good, but both of them always quarrel about one thing. This was revealed by Ranveer himself. The actor had shared in an interview to HT that he and his wife’s sister are football fanatics.

However, both like different teams. While Ranveer is a fan of Arsenal team, Anisha is of Manchester United. In such a situation, when there is a match between two teams, then there is an argument between the two, because both are engaged in supporting their respective teams. (Photo Credits: Instagram @anishapadukone, ranveersingh)

Glimpses of mutual understanding and healthy relationship

Glimpses of mutual understanding and healthy relationship

If you get into an argument with someone, are you still able to maintain that relationship as before? The answer would probably be ‘no’.

Ranveer and Anisha seem to share a healthy and happy bond with each other even after having fights and teasing over teams. Which shows how great is the mutual understanding and tuning between them. (Photo Credits: Instagram @anishapadukone, ranveersingh)

This is what happens when brother in law becomes friend

This is what happens when brother in law becomes friend

This is what happens when brother-in-law and sister-in-law become friends. They start behaving exactly like friends do. That is, sometimes they will trouble each other, and sometimes they will praise each other. But what always remains the same is their strong bond and selfless support.

Sometimes the brother-in-law is also seen protecting and guiding like an elder brother. Sometimes such a situation also comes that he is seen saving his sister-in-law from the anger of his wife or mother-in-law. Such a bond is rarely seen, but Ranveer-Anisha have definitely been very lucky in this matter. (Photo Credits: pexels)

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