Ratan Rajput has become a victim of casting couch, said – I want to slap whoever did such an act


Away from the TV world, Ratan Rajput gained a lot of popularity with ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’. But after years she is in the news. TV actress and vlogger Ratan Rajput had earlier opened up about depression in an interview and has now made shocking claims about casting couch. He has told how he was given drugs during the audition and was not even allowed to get a clue of it.

In a conversation with ‘Aaj Tak’, Ratan Rajput said, ‘I would call casting couch an intention. I never spoke openly about casting couch even during the Me Too movement. But it is really important to talk about it. I am active on YouTube and there I used to get lots of emails from many young generation. He asks me to guide him. So I think they should know the truth. They should not despair. As it is said that if four people have done wrong then the whole industry is not bad. It is very important to know that not everyone is the same. You just need to know how to filter. I am here today because of the industry. I got this experience from the industry itself.

ratan rajput audition

After this, Ratan also recalled the moment when she was new in the industry. He said, ‘There was a hotel in Oshiwara where all the auditions took place. I went there to audition and saw many well-known actors there. I gave my audition but the director was not present there. Some were co-ordinators. A lower level person auditioned me and said, you did a great job ma’am. Sir is talking about you only. It will be yours only. I said ok. It was my habit that I never went alone. I had a friend with me who came for the dance audition. The co-ordinator asked me to read the script and get ready for the meeting. I really did not understand what was happening.

Ratan Rajput

Drugs in Ratan Rajput’s drink

Ratan said, ‘I went upstairs to another hotel for the meeting. There he kept requesting both of us to drink cold drinks, which we drank even without wanting to. Then he said that he would call me for another audition. , My friend and I then reached home and began to suspect that something had been mixed in the cold drink. I was also feeling a bit uneasy. A few hours later, I got a call for another audition. Couldn’t even refuse. After that my friend and I went to Mhada for that audition. It was a very strange place. As soon as I went inside, everything was scattered. The light was also very less. Clothes were scattered all around. A girl was seen, who was probably lying in a delirious condition due to the intoxication of alcohol. I had realized what would have happened here.

Ratan Rajput

Ratan Rajput ran away from the second audition

Continuing his story, Ratan said, ‘The man came out and scolded me saying why have I come with my boyfriend. I told him that it was my brother who was with me. Now there was something in the drink that made me out of control even though I was conscious. After this my friend and I said sorry there and then we fled from there.

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Ratan Rajput wants to slap

Ratan finally said, ‘How can I talk about this openly? People will not give me work. But I think we should be socially responsible, so we should talk about it. The industry is not wrong but some people are wrong in it. I want to slap the person who did this to me. He is still a big name in the industry. He should do the same with the people.

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