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of the world The dream of the oldest human civilization and the oldest, largest and most vibrant Indian democracy was ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah’ which means that everyone on this earth should be happy, everyone should be prosperous. In the last 9 years, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has made remarkable progress in this direction. A determined Prime Minister with decisive administrative skills, immense public support and modern technology has made this possible. This has instilled hope and confidence among the youth, women, farmers, the exploited, the underprivileged and the poorest of the poor that they have a government at the Center working tirelessly to uplift their lives.

A prime minister has admitted in the past that only about 14-15 per cent of the amount allocated to him by the government reaches the last beneficiary. The present Prime Minister has ensured last mile delivery. Bank accounts of about 48 crore people were opened so that the beneficiaries get their entitlements directly in their bank accounts without any leakage. Although unemployment is a big issue all over the world but to deal with it in a better way, the Modi government has taken effective steps. Skill centers have been established not only in cities but also in remote areas of the country.
The central government has formulated the Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana for the dignified life of the workers. The Prime Minister himself has honored Shramveers on several occasions. India’s manpower has made an unprecedented contribution to the development of the country. In the last 9 years, there has been unprecedented progress in infrastructure development in the country. While traveling to Europe in the past I used to hear many people comment that Europe like infrastructure and ease of travel can never happen in India but they have been proved wrong in such a short span of time.

Over the years, the devastating COVID pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, rising climate concerns, supply chain disruptions, rising inflation across the globe, polarization in many parts of the world, declining trust and cooperation between countries, and mental health issues globally But affecting the ecosystem. In this light, where many governments in Asia are proving to be failures, India has emerged as a fast growing economy on the strength of its bold decisions in the last 9 years.

It is true that one-sixth of the world’s population lives in India, but India’s voice has never been heard the way it is being heard now. Today, when India speaks, the world listens. Overall, India is finding its rightful place in the international world. The credit for this goes to the present government and its correct policies. The skillful policy of taking no sides during the Russia-Ukraine conflict and reasoned responses to the world and meaningful initiatives on other global issues have established India as a strong global power, a mature mediator and the pacemaker of the world. While the world’s major economies are collapsing, the Indian economy continues to perform brilliantly. The Modi government took revolutionary steps like the Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana during the Covid pandemic to ensure that no one sleeps hungry in the country. This shows the sensitivity of a public-welfare government.

Despite the immense possibilities of domestic and international tourism in India, the development of the pilgrimage centers of the country could not be done even in 70 years of independence. The infrastructure of the pilgrimage centers was in shambles. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took up the task of renovation and development of all the pilgrimage centers and centers of faith. In the last few years, the transformation of major pilgrimage centers like Kashi, Ujjain, Somnath, Ambaji, Rishikesh, Kedarnath, Badrinath has laid a new foundation of hope, faith and aspirations in the minds of the devotees.

Though all political leaders and parties have faith in religious rituals and practices, they were never open about it. It is Prime Minister Modi who has never hesitated to accept it and restored its glory while performing his duties in letter and spirit. He introduced other world leaders to these priceless heritage of India. The progress of any society depends on the faith and self-respect of the people. Respecting your roots and your culture creates self-respect in the society.
The Narendra Modi government has given great importance and encouragement to art and culture. Many new museums have opened and all forms of art have found a place. This shows what potential we have and how we were sighing as ‘Sleeping Giants’ who did not realize their true potential.

India has also taken revolutionary steps in the education sector. Compared to the old colonial education system, the new education policy is a revolution which is based on the wisdom of ancient as well as modern civilization. Indian talent is respected all over the world. Now they have got an open field to express their creativity. Education reform initiatives have enhanced the quality of education in the country and made it universally accessible.
The Northeast, which was ignored for a long time, has woken up to its many possibilities. The rise of a new era of development in Jammu and Kashmir and justice given to women underlines the concept of ‘New India’. It shows how a wrong done to one’s own people can be rectified.

Not many people are aware that the central government has gifted a new parliament building to Afghanistan. Rashtrapati Bhawan in Nigeria was also built by India a few years ago. And now, Prime Minister Modi has dedicated to our country a beautiful Parliament building based on Indian culture and heritage, respecting our constitution and tradition. An amazing structure built in such a short time – every countryman should be proud of it.

While there are flaws, many mistakes were made that could have been avoided, and we still have a long way to go on unemployment, rising prices and other social issues. The speed with which the present government is addressing the challenges is really commendable and it gives hope for a bright future for the country.
The author is a spiritual teacher.
(Credits: The Daily Tri.)

Shri Shri Ravishankar

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