Reaping the crop of communalism by sowing the seeds of appeasement will cost political parties dearly.


In the Karnataka assembly elections, the Congress openly played the game of appeasement as per tradition. The former BJP government of the state withdrew the facility of four percent reservation given to Muslims from the OBC quota.

It is a matter of eighties, a case named Shah Bano came to the fore. The Supreme Court has decided that the husband of a woman who has been given triple talaq should pay compensation for her livelihood. Fanatics called it interference in Islam. When the crowd came, support came, Rajiv Gandhi also reached there to take a dip in the Ganges. They got cheap crowd there. By enacting a law in the Parliament, Rajiv sabotaged the decision of the court. The crowd was happy, the clerics danced, the people of Islam were blessed and Rajiv was alive, but what was the result of this appeasement? The answer is that- Talibanisation of a section of Muslims, heat of Jihadi terror, exploitation of girls in the name of triple talaq, many riots in which thousands of dead bodies and other than this we have tasted the poisonous fruits of this policy in unknown form.

Appeasement is the seed and communalism is the crop, both are related to each other like sisters in one womb. Wouldn’t there have been people then who questioned that appeasement? Surely they would have done, but they would have been rejected as ‘Islamophobic’ or they would have been branded communal. The same policy of appeasement which led to the partition of the country neither stopped after partition and the hunger of the political parties shows that there is no possibility of stopping it in the near future, no matter how serious the consequences may be. Let it fall

In the Karnataka assembly elections, the Congress openly played the game of appeasement as per tradition. The former BJP government of the state withdrew the facility of four percent reservation given to Muslims from the OBC quota. The pseudo-secular caste of the country not only raised hue and cry over this but also took the matter to the Supreme Court. Under the constitutional system, the facility of reservation cannot be given on the basis of religion. The BJP government tried to establish a constitutional system on this issue, but all the pseudo-secular warriors including the Congress started playing the old game of appeasement by terming it as anti-Muslim.

Not only this, Congress also promised to ban Bajrang Dal and Popular Front of India in the election manifesto. Everyone knows that PFI is a terrorist organization which cannot be compared in any way with an organization like Bajrang Dal which conducts its activities according to the constitutional dignity of the country. Everyone knows that nationalist organizations have been the thorn in the eyes of Congress since the beginning and the party is only playing the Muslim appeasement card by talking about ban on Bajrang Dal in its manifesto.

Something similar was seen regarding ‘The Kerala Story’ made on the topics of love jihad and forced conversion. The Kerala Story is a film directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Shah. It is the story of a group of women from Kerala who convert and join the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The film has presented itself as a clear depiction of a true story and how thousands of women around the world are being forcefully converted to Islam and recruited into ISIS. The crowd thronging the cinema halls shows that the countrymen have liked this film very much, but the parties on the back of appeasement also started opposing it saying that the story of the film is defaming the Muslims. The protestors are unable to explain how a film exposing the terrorist organization ISIS can be considered against Islam? Are our secularists, who have been playing the gramophone that terrorism has no religion, opposing this film, not linking terrorism with Islam?

The appeasement churning led to the Congress party gaining power in Karnataka, as electoral analysis shows that the majority of Muslim votes went to the Congress in these elections, due to which the Janata Dal (S) lost five per cent of its votes to the Congress. The election was won, but by doing so, has the Congress not created a new background of communalism? Political parties should be alert, the policy of appeasement makes some MLAs and MPs, but the whole country has to bear its consequences in the form of communalism and terrorism. The policy of appeasement unites the fundamentalists which proves fatal for the entire society as well as for the followers of that religion themselves. In the Karnataka elections, Congress has sown a new crop of communalism with the policy of appeasement and now the countrymen have to be careful.

-Rakesh San

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