Recipe: Follow this method to make Street Style Spicy ‘Veg Chowmein’


Cabbage, 1½ cups finely chopped
Carrot 1 medium
capsicum 1
spring onions 2
red onion 1 medium
Wheat/maida noodles 3-4 oz (100 g)
salt ½ tsp
White pepper ¼ tsp freshly crushed
Soya sauce 1 tbsp
sugar ¼ tsp (optional)
white vinegar 1½ tsp
red chili flakes (optional)
oil 2 tbsp

recipe :
* Wash the green onions and cut them into pieces about one and a half inches long.

* Peel and wash the carrots, and then cut them into thin and long pieces.

* Wash the red onion and cut it into long thin slices.

* Cut the cabbage into long thin strips.

* Wash capsicum and cut it from the middle. Now take out its seeds and cut it into long and thin pieces.

* Boil noodles according to the instructions written on the packet. I have used instant wheat noodles and boiled them in hot water for about three minutes.

* Now heat a pan, add oil to it and then fry red onion on high heat for a minute.

* Now fry carrot and capsicum flakes in it for about a minute.

* Now add cabbage to it and fry for 20-25 seconds.
Now add boiled noodles, green onions, soya sauce, salt, sugar, white vinegar and freshly ground white pepper to it and stir well. Fry all the ingredients on high flame for 1-2 minutes while stirring regularly.

* Delicious chow mein is now ready to serve. Although it looks very tasty in itself, but still if you want, serve it with Veg Manchurian, its taste increases further.

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