Reliance shares boom in 90 minutes, 27,700 crores of investors


Mumbai (Best Hindu News)- Chairman Mukesh Ambani made several announcements at the 46th AGM of Reliance Industries on Monday. These announcements are very important but the hopes of the investors were shattered today. Investors were expecting that today there would be some special announcement regarding the IPO of Reliance Jio and Retail Arm, but this did not happen. Due to this, there was a decline in the shares of Reliance Industries. The market cap of the company lost more than Rs 27,700 crore in 90 minutes. On the other hand, Jio Financial’s share also appeared to be slightly raised during the AGM, but till the close of the market, the stock closed at the red mark. When the Reliance AGM started, the company’s stock was at Rs 2480, which closed at Rs 2442.55 with a fall of nearly Rs after the market closed. The company’s stock has seen a decline of 1.11 per cent i.e. Rs 27.40 as compared to Friday.

The stock market today gained momentum on the back of strong buying by investors in 16 groups including commodities, industrials, telecom, capital goods and realty in the global market after China announced measures to support its crisis-hit market. Came back
At the same time, the BSE Sensex gained 110.09 points to 64,996.60 points and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) Nifty climbed 40.25 points to reach 19,306.05 points. Like heavyweights, BSE’s mid- and small-cap companies also saw heavy buying, with the Midcap rising 0.59 percent to 30,899.36 and the Smallcap rising 0.67 percent to 36,298.44.

During this period, shares of a total of 3907 companies were traded on the BSE, out of which 2066 advanced while 1676 declined while 165 remained unchanged. Similarly, Nifty 32 companies remained green while the remaining 19 remained on the red mark. There was buying in 16 groups of BSE. Commodities 0.63, CDs 0.53, Financial Services 0.57, Healthcare 0.79, Industrials 1.09, Telecom 0.87, Utilities 0.70, Auto 0.65, Banking 0.55, Capital Goods 1.37, Consumer Durables 0.03, Metals 0.47, Oil & Gas 0.20, Power 0.63, Realty 0.95 And the services group shares were 0.07 per cent strong.

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