Reynolds will not be separated from us, know what is the company’s update


Fact Check: More than one brand comes in the market. Slogans of some even spread on everyone’s tongue. But many suddenly go away silently but A special brand also recently said goodbye like this , This news filled disappointment among its fans. It is none other than the childhood memories of all of us. Reynolds pen brand Is. But No need to be disappointed. Reynolds will not part with us.

Reynolds 045, wrote the statement released by the company on its site. The recent misinformation about Reynolds is misleading and inaccurate. Reynolds with its 45 year legacy in India has consistently prioritized quality and innovation. We have strong future plans for expansion and growth of stationery business in India.


It will surprise many people to learn that Reynolds as a company actually started in America. What did the ‘045’ on Reynolds’ pen stand for? Actually it shows 1945. The year the company brought a typhoon. Gradually this brand came to India and became an icon. Like Bata in the footwear market, Reynolds too did not start in India, but quickly became a household name in India.

Its specialty gave a different identity to every house

Its specialty made it stand far ahead of its competing companies, because many pens of other companies used to leak, these which were good, were very expensive. While it was a pen to take care of the common man’s pocket.

In the Indian education system, you have to write every day, all the time. Be it class notes or homework, assignments and exams, all required a pen, which was completed by Reynolds’s pen in 1945 without any problem and gradually it settled in every child’s pencil box.

To meet the rigorous writing requirements of the Indian education system, other brands had one or two pens but Reynolds had several options. The most special of these was the 045 Fine Carbure – Sachin Tendulkar pen. Whose refill never leaked, and ink never wasted. Reynolds launches pens in other colors as well

Your favorite pen is not just a pen, it is your companion who has supported you in every exam. When you reach a point, childhood memories are definitely there in your mind. In this, the memories of Reynolds pen are something special for the children of 80’s and 90’s, although the rumor may have started from anywhere but the company has put forth its point which is really a relief.

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