Rishi Sunak’s son-in-law welcome in India shows the superiority of Indian culture and traditions.


Let us tell you that in an interview earlier this week, Britain’s first Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had said that relations between Britain and India will define the future of both the countries.

There was enthusiasm especially in India to welcome Rishi Sunak, who was on his first visit to India almost a year after becoming the Prime Minister of Britain. Firstly, Rishi Sunak is of Indian origin, secondly, his wife Akshata Murthy is the daughter of India’s famous industrialist Narayan Murthy, thirdly, Rishi Sunak is proud of his Hindutva and has deep faith in Sanatan Dharma and fourthly, India has a special place in his heart. is also. When Rishi Sunak took charge of Britain on Diwali last year, his country was facing continuous problems on the economic front, but due to his wise leadership, Rishi Sunak soon took control of the situation. Apart from this, whether it is the Russia-Ukraine issue or any other global challenge, Rishi Sunak is seen leading from the front and finding solutions to the issues. When he reached Delhi with his wife Akshata Murthy on Friday, he was welcomed at the airport by Union Minister Ashwini Choubey, Britain’s High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis and senior diplomats. He was welcomed at the airport by saying Jai Siyaram, in response to which he also said Jai Siyaram.

Let us tell you that in an interview earlier this week, Britain’s first Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had said that relations between Britain and India will define the future of both the countries. Along with this, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, citing the context of being called ‘India’s son-in-law’, said in a humorous tone that his visit to New Delhi for the G20 leaders’ summit is “very special”. Let us remind you that Sunak is married to Akshata Murthy, the first person of Indian origin to become the Prime Minister of Britain. Speaking to reporters on his flight to New Delhi, Rishi Sunak, 43, said he was looking forward to visiting India, “a country that is very near and dear to me”. Also included is the daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy. Sunak is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the summit.

Before leaving for the three-day tour, Sunak said in a post on ‘X’, “I am going to attend the G20 summit with a clear focus.” To stabilize the global economy. To make international relations. “It’s very special,” Sunak told reporters traveling with him. I saw somewhere that I was referred to as India’s son-in-law, I hope it was said with affection. Let us tell you that the Russia-Ukraine conflict will be a major topic on Britain’s agenda during the summit. Has been marked as. Britain’s Prime Minister’s Office ‘Downing Street’ said that India’s role and influence is “significant”.

“Once again, Vladimir Putin is failing to show his face at the G20,” Sunak told reporters. He is the architect of his own diplomatic exile, isolated in his presidential palace and blocking out criticism and reality. “Meanwhile, the rest of the G20 are demonstrating that we will step up and work together to defeat Putin.”

Meanwhile, a Downing Street spokesman said Britain would use “every opportunity” to show its support for Ukraine and also encourage global support. “India, as the world’s largest democracy, has an important role to play in stopping Russia’s attack on human rights and indeed democracy,” the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said. “We will be meeting with Modi or other leaders to encourage him to use that influence to end Putin’s brutal aggression.”

Let us tell you that during the Modi-Sunak bilateral discussions, India-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks are also likely to be discussed. Currently, 12 rounds of talks have been completed but there is no fixed time limit for its conclusion. Downing Street has indicated that there will be no changes to UK immigration policy under the deal, although short-term business visas will be discussed as part of trade talks. Let us remind you that the last meeting of Modi and Sunak was on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan in May. A month later, during Britain-India Week in London, Sunak said he “can’t wait” to meet his Indian counterpart again. Sunak said, “Prime Minister Modi and I agree that There is huge potential here. We are making great progress together on the 2030 Roadmap and we really want to deliver an ambitious trade agreement that benefits both our countries, bringing tremendous opportunities for businesses and consumers in India and here at home.”

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