Risk of infectious diseases increases due to obstruction in vaccination campaign

The recently published report in Lacent Global Health becomes thoughtful and important in the sense that the impact of the blockage in the worldwide vaccination campaign is beginning to come to the fore. The countries of the world are facing the crisis of spread of more than 14 diseases including measles, cholera, hepatitis. According to the recent report of the World Health Organization, the death toll due to cholera has almost doubled in the countries of the world. Tuberculosis has started coming in a new variant in which due to lack of persistent cough, there is a long delay in diagnosing tuberculosis. In fact, Corona has left its side effects to such an extent that we will see its effects directly and indirectly for many years to come. Due to Corona, the vaccination campaign in the countries of the world has been adversely affected. Due to the Corona tragedy from the last quarter of 2019 to 2020 and the new variants of Corona every day, there has been a direct impact on various ongoing health campaigns. The interesting thing is that its effect is now visible. Researchers at Imperial College London, in a study conducted in 112 countries including India, have found that due to the impact of vaccination campaigns during the Corona period, there will be additional deaths due to the spread of 14 diseases including measles in the countries of the world by 2030. According to an estimate, more than 40 thousand lives are lost due to measles alone. Figures of deaths due to cholera have come to light. Cholera cases have started appearing at almost double the rate. Nearly seven lakh cases have been reported in 2023. That is why the World Health Organization has expressed concern.

In fact, no one can be blamed for the vaccination campaign being affected. The circumstances of Corona 2019 were such that at that time the only priority was to stop the spread of Corona infection and save people’s lives. The circumstances were frightening and there were neither past nor future. Everything came to a standstill and if you looked at any corner of the world, you could see an orgy of death all around. The whole world’s attention was a big priority to save every life from this tragedy. During this period, the vaccination campaign went on in full swing but instead of other diseases, it remained focused only on vaccination against corona and its first and second doses. The first priority was to deliver Corona vaccine to the countries of the world. India led the whole world in corona vaccination. The results are out. Today the terror of Corona is almost over. But the side effects of Corona are still visible. However, despite seeing death from Corona closely and feeling helpless due to Corona, the understanding that should have come among the countries of the world is far away. Russia-Ukraine war, Israel-Hamas war, conflicts in the countries of the world including China’s bullying, terrorist incidents force one to think about a lot. However, it would be a digression to consider here.

In fact, the Corona period was such that at that time the campaigns that had been going on for years had almost come to a halt. Rather, it should be said that at that time the entire world’s attention was focused only on prevention from the Corona tragedy. The Corona protocol and the method of infection of the Corona virus had shaken us. Mask, sanitizer, social distance was the religion of that time, so leave alone the hospital, one felt scared even leaving the house. In such a situation, the vaccination campaign had to be interrupted. Along with this, due to everyone’s focus on Corona vaccine, it was natural that the production and availability of other vaccines would be affected. But now the study that has come out and what is being seen is a matter of concern. 14 types of vaccines including measles, cholera, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, which are required to be administered on time, have been affected. New variants of measles and flu are emerging every day. Swine flu, parrot fever, rubella, pneumonia and many other deadly diseases have started showing their effects. The World Health Organization has expressed its concern over the increasing cases of cholera in just two years. The occurrence of 48 percent more cases of cholera alone in 2023 compared to 2022 is a cause for extreme concern. The decrease in people’s immunity power is a matter of great concern. With even the slightest change in weather, queues at doctors’ offices and occurrence of new variants of diseases every day become serious in themselves.

The situation is becoming worrying for the researchers doing research and study in medical science. The opposite has started happening that new variants of diseases which were almost eradicated have also started appearing. Tuberculosis is a living example of this. Now the situation is clear. No one can be blamed for the situation created due to Corona. Now, keeping in mind the circumstances and the challenges ahead, a strategy for the health of the general public will have to be prepared. A plan will have to be made to deal with the vaccination affected due to Corona. Such coordinated efforts will have to be made so that a meaningful solution can be found to the situation that is arising due to lack of vaccination. This is not the concern of any one country or community but is the result of a study of 112 countries of the world. The situation is right in front of you. What had to happen has happened but now scientists will have to work together to find a possible solution. It is the result of the hard work of scientists that the vaccination campaign from 1937 to 2021 resulted in these deadly diseases being controlled to a great extent. But now due to the disruption in the vaccination campaign, there has been a slight change in the situation, which will have to be moved forward keeping this in mind. There are two types of challenges. On the one hand, the spread of these diseases or rather the infection has to be stopped and on the other hand, the challenge is to provide proper treatment to those affected by them. If the countries of the world will have to come together for this, then the World Health Organization will also have to think seriously and prepare an effective strategy.

– Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma

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