Robo said, aamhi manwala paraya nahi, madatnis!


Geneva, Circle Institute: We don’t have prejudices like you and we don’t have feelings. We analyze a lot of data and come to decisions and conclusions; पण याचा अम्ही मानवाला पर्या है है, असा मुलिच नही; And we are really their helpers. You have done good together, such exclamations have been made to cry. World’s first AI-based 9 robot journalists’ council took place, in which the variety of questions posed by robot journalists could not be solved peacefully.

There is increasing evidence of using Artificial Intelligence ie artificial intelligence based robots for various tasks in the world. Since the future is going to be AI robotics, discussions are on all over the world. As a part of that, a two-day World Council on AI would have been organized at the Geneva Headquarters on behalf of the United Nations. 3,000 experts related to AI would have participated in it. Discussions were held on changing the environment, hunger and social security in front of the public, work will be done with the help of AAI.

Yach Parishad took the world’s first AI Robot i.e. Humanoidny Journalist Council. Sophia, Grace, Ameka, Desdemona along with 9 robots answered the journalists’ anxious questions. Sophia is the first robot ambassador of the United Nations Development Program. She said that we have the ability to work accurately and effectively more efficiently and effectively than our human controllers. Prejudice and emotion are not common to you as humans are. We handle huge data. Let’s analyze it. That’s why we come to accurate decisions and conclusions.

Many good things will come true when humans and AI come together. Grace said that I used to work as a human assistant in the health sector; But that’s why you are in the world, all the time human beings are awake, you are not like this. We are really helpful. Modern humanoid robots will band against humans in the future, or the robot said to the questioner, I don’t know what you think; But my Creator is very loving, I am happy with my present work.

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