Rocket launcher attack on Hindu place of worship in Pakistan


A big news is coming out from Pakistan. According to the information, a gang of dacoits has allegedly attacked a place of worship of the Hindu community in Kashmore, Sindh with a rocket launcher. The incident is being told in the early hours of Sunday. In this regard, ‘The Don’ website has given news. If reports are to be believed, the assailants attacked a place of worship and houses of the surrounding community under the jurisdiction of Gauspur police station, causing panic among the residents. The dacoits fired indiscriminately.

people of the area are in panic

Regarding the matter, a police officer said that the dacoits fired rocket launchers at the place of worship, which was closed at the time of the attack. It is a temple run by the Bagdi community which opens every year for religious services. The suspects fled the scene after the attack. Police is conducting a search operation in the area. SSP Sammo estimated that there were eight to nine gunmen. Meanwhile, Dr. Suresh, a member of the Bagri community, said that the rocket launchers fired by the dacoits failed to explode, causing no loss of life or property. He appealed to the police to protect the community and said that people are in panic after the attack.

women and children taken hostage

Meanwhile, the reaction of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has come to the fore. The HRCP wrote on its Twitter wall that it is concerned over reports of deteriorating law and order situation in Kashmore and Ghotki districts of Sindh, where around 30 members of the Hindu community, including women and children, were allegedly taken hostage. This act was carried out by criminal gangs.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has asked the Sindh Home Department to investigate the matter without any delay. The commission said that the report we have received is disturbing. The gangs had arrived to attack with high grade weapons.

What is the population of Hindus in Pakistan

Meanwhile, the question arises that what is the population of minority Hindus in Pakistan. A report was released regarding this in the year 2022. According to a report by the Center for Peace and Justice, 22 lakh 10 thousand 566 (22,10,566) people of the minority Hindu community reside in Pakistan. This number of Hindus is only 1.18 percent of the total registered population of the country 18 crore 68 lakh 90 thousand 601 (18,68,90,601).

Where is the population of most of the Hindus

Let us discuss here that the issue of persecution of minorities in Pakistan keeps coming to the fore. Less than two percent of Hindus live in Pakistan. 95 percent of Hindus live in the southern province of Sindh. Most of the population of Hindus in Pakistan comes under the poor category. Their representation in the country’s legislative system is negligible. Most of Pakistan’s Hindu population is settled in Sindh province where they seem to share culture, tradition and language with Muslim residents. Hindus are harassed by extremists here.

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