Rohit Sharma new record: Rohit Sharma’s new record, became the fastest player to hit 550 sixes.


Pudhari Online Desk: Rohit Sharma new Record: In the third ODI between India and Australia starting in Rajkot, Indian captain Rohit Sharma has registered a special record under his name. Rohit Sharma has become the player who has hit the most sixes in any country. Rohit has hit a total of 258 sixes in Indian cricket. Hitman has hit 258 sixes on Indian soil. Or remember he has challenged New Zealand’s Martin Guptill. Who would have hit 256 international sixes in his home country.

In the match starting in Rajkot, Australia, batting first, set a target of 353 runs for India. After this, India started aggressively by pursuing the runner. Captain Rohit Sharma completed his half century in 31 balls. But the century gave him a sigh of relief. 57 runs, 81 runs, Maxwell Maxwell c and bowled. Rohit played 6 sixes with 5 fours in his explosive game. (Rohit Sharma new record)

Yashah has become the player who has hit the most number of sixes in any country. At the same time, Rohitla Avagya has become the batsman who has hit the most number of sixes in international cricket and has scored three sixes. There is no doubt that Vikram will definitely make his mark in the upcoming World Cup. Rohit has scored 550 sixes in his international cricket. Or the only one who remembers Rohit is Chris Gayle of West Indies. Gayle has hit 553 sixes in international cricket. On the other hand, Rohit Sharma still maintains his game and at some point Vikram can turn it.

Rohit scored 550 sixes, became the second player in the world (Rohit Sharma new record)

In international cricket, many destructive batsmen have dominated the game due to their ability to hit sixes. Today Rohit played his half-century and completed 550 sixes in international cricket. Rohit became the second player in the world to perform the same feat. He has become the fastest Vikram to hit 550 international sixes. For this he played only 471 rounds. Only Chris Gayle could have done half that. But he would have played 544 runs and 550 sixes in the same format. Rohit has scored a total of 551 international sixes. If Gelala comes to demand, he will have to hit only three sixes.

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